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RGV Life Podcast #3

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Thank You
Thanks to Hispanic Pundit at for adding a link to RGV Life.

Also thanks to El Presidente for adding me to the Republic of the Rio Grande.

Podcast News
In other news, I finally went ahead and got an MP3 player. It's not an iPod, but it gets the job done. I decided to get one so that I can listen to podcasts while I'm doing stuff. This way, I won't be a slave to the computer while I am listening. I was actually going to buy a flash drive, but the 1 GB drive I saw was $80. The MP3 player was $99 with 1 GB of memory, FM radio, and voice recorder.

I also got a digital camera. Again, not top of the line. Most of the pics for the web don't require super-high resolution. So, it should help improve the look of the site when I have some news.

I was reading a book on podcasting. I almost convinced myself to get a mixer, good microphone, and other equipment. There's a saying about a bad carpenter blaming his tools.

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Illegal Immigration
Human Smuggling Ring Broken
This story is about a couple of really bad guys, Jose Antonio Jaimes Vera, a.k.a. "Toño" and Magdeleno Alvarez Valdez, a.k.a. "Jarracho". These two men were leaders of a human smuggling ring that brought approximately 10 to 15 people into the country for the last 3 years. We know about these men because the Sheriff's Dept. found one dead man, Carlos Jesus Flores Alamirra — or "El Conejo" with a sigle gunshot to the head. They only recently gained knowledge of the perps because another man, Sylves-tre Vivar Ramos, emerged from a medically induced coma and was able to give details. Two men, Daniel "Nune" Ramirez Jr. and Guillermo "El Negro" Guzman were charged yesterday in connection with the attempted murder of Ramos. Although the article states that Ramos was not killed because the ring was more interested in getting back money that the two victims were skimming. So, the two victims were kidnapped, one killed and one beaten to a pulp.

Jaimes, 23, is 5 feet 8 inches tall, 210 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair. He was last seen driving a green or gray F-150 extended cab with Texas license plates O6G-CK3.

Alvarez, 29, is 5 feet 8 inches tall, 180 pounds, with black eyes and hair.

Man and family assaulted in home invasion

Politiqueras and the DA
The recently returned President of the Republic of the Rio Grande has been catching up on the political situation since his absence. He has expressed some issue with Hidalgo County DA, Rene Guerra's indictments and complaints about politiqueras.

Crowding the Course
EDINBURG — More than four thousand people are expected to participate in the 24th annual All-American City 10K and 2-mile Walk/Run today in Edinburg. Runners from all over the world will competed for a $1000 grand prize for men and women.
Rep. Aaron Pena Goes to Edinburg's 10k Race

Member of PSJA Board Arrested in DWI Case

PHARR — A local school board member, Vangie DeLeon, secretary and treasurer for the PSJA ISD, was arrested Jan. 22. She refused a breathalyzer test and failed the field sobriety test. She will continue to serve on the school board. PSJA school board already has other brushes with the law in recent investigations and an indictment.

More on Henry Cuellar's One Day Story
The recent picture of George W. Bush holding Rep. Henry Cuellar's face between his hands has sparked Democrats, who vehemently hate George W. Bush and anything he touches, to contribute money to Cuellar's opponent, Ciro Rodriguez. Cuellar is being called a Republican in Democrats clothes because he's actually friendly with Republicans. The drive against Henry Cuellar is being headed by two popular super-liberal sites, the Daily Kos and Eschaton. This goes to show how the Democratic party is being dragged around by the nose by the left fringe rather than consisting of a more centrist core, where most of the country votes. The "party of tolerance" apparently has no tolerance for fraternizing with the other side. I often perplex people when I support Democrats. I often hear, "but you're conservative". Yes, I am, and I vote for or support people who will do a good job, not by party affiliation. It doesn't occur to people that Henry Cuellar may be able to get more for his district by being nice to the party in power rather than demonizing them. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

There are two ways you can contribute to Texans for Henry Cuellar:

1) Send a check to:

Texans for Henry Cuellar, P.O. Box 6147, Laredo, Texas 78042.

2) Make a secure online donation through the PayPal® electronic payment system at

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1 comment:

denise said...

The reason Democrats are throwing their money and support behind Rodriguez isn't because of some sort of irrational hate of Bush or the GOP. It's his record...plain and simple.

He's already claimed endorsements he has yet to recieve:
"A day after claiming the support of the Texas State Teachers Association and the National Education Association, the campaign of U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar acknowledged Tuesday that it has not yet received the groups' umbrella endorsements. "


When the new Congress returns to work Thursday for President Bush's inauguration, Cuellar's toughest audience will be the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Rodriguez was chairman of the Democratic group, and many members worked hard on his behalf in last year's primary.

Rep. Solomon Ortiz, dean of the Texas Democrats in Congress, said many caucus members took Cuellar's challenge as a betrayal. Cuellar and Rodriguez were friends who served together in the Texas House, and Rodriguez raised money and campaigned for Cuellar in his 2002 race against Rep. Henry Bonilla, R-San Antonio.

"That's the reason why a lot of members feel uneasy about Cuellar. Congressman Rodriguez brought him around, introduced him to all the members of the Hispanic caucus -- he took him everywhere," said Ortiz, D-Corpus Christi.


He's a backstabber to boot.

There are definitely some wacked-out lefties that post on DKos, but for the most part, it's solid criticism backed by facts.

Talking points are fine and dandy (ie-"one day story") but a lot of people are able to see right through them.

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