Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Interview with Judge Rudy Gonzalez

I interview Judge Rudy Gonzalez outside his office at the BBQ. I sound like a dumbass because (I am) I asked him why he's running for office when he's already judge. You know, nerves. I don't have any training or the confidence of a reporter, I'm sure you can tell.

In any case, the audio is not so great. Again, it needs editing, so there may be long stretches in which there is no speaking.
The judge seems like a decent fellow. He was telling me that he tries to work with some of the younger criminals to get them help in leading better lives. Fast forward to about 1:20 where the interview begins.


Anonymous said...

I knew it!!! Finally, the real power boss shows himself - David Garcia, the multi-million dollar lawyer who has quietly become a power of the courthouse and you took a picture of him. He controls judges, the DA, and now he's trying for the District Clerk. Vote for Independence - Vote Omar!!!!!

Writer said...

Of course, it's right in front of his office. Why would he host something and not show up? You should stop by and have a burger. Meet the candidates. Or, go across the street and meet the other candidates. Talk to them.

G. Smithy said...

Hi, I'm doing some research on Judge Rudy Gonzalez. I tried listening to the interview, but it seems the player isn't working. Might you be able to make it available to me?

Noe A. Rios
Lewisville, TX

RGV Life said...

I've lost the audio. I was hosting it elsewhere. I don't have a backup copy anymore.

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