Saturday, February 25, 2006

Seeing Old Classmates

Last night, my wife and I went to Tico's on 23rd and Industrial in McAllen to meet some old friends from Mission High School. She and I graduated together. It wasn't an official class reunion, that's still a ways off. We had one friend fly in from Chicago and another friend from Los Angeles. The rest of us are schlepping along here in the Rio Grande Valley.

After having drinks and botana at Tico's, we went over to somebody's house with more beer and had a good time. We chatted, played pool, and watched some funny video clips on the computer. What is really nice about seeing old friends is seeing them again. You share a common history. You can laugh about things you did together or with other people you knew. And, you can also, in a way, see that you're not alone. Other people are struggling as much as you, although in different ways. I guess, it's a sort of reassurance that you're not wasting your life away on meaningless endeavors. Ultimately, what matters is not how much money you made or how many fancy things you bought. What matters are the relationships you have with others and how you touched their lives. That's what everybody remembers about you.

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