Wednesday, May 01, 2013

April Showers and May Flowers in 2013

The old saying is "April showers bring May flowers." Things didn't quite turn out that way for us this year. April did bring in some last minute showers at the end. They were good rains; but, they just weren't enough to help with the water restrictions being set by cities in the Rio Grande Valley.

Even with the dry weather, it seems like nature isn't having any of it. Our native vegetation goes with the flow and flowers anyway.

From overheard discussions, the thinking is that we need a good hurricane to drop some water over Texas so we can recover from the drought conditions. That's a tough one. We do want rain; but, a hurricane is maybe a bit much too fast.

Unfortunately, we aren't likely to get a rainy season that would replenish our wells, rivers, and lakes.

Let's hope that May kicks in the rain that April shirked.


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