Monday, July 30, 2007

Methodist Church in Mission, Tx

This photo was taken during a walk around Mission, Texas. Would you like to share your photos? Send me your flickr link and we'll post it.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

BlogTalkRadio Show

listening to music
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The Live Show Experience

I dragged out my old RGV Life Podcast and made it the basis of my first live cast experience at BlogTalkRadio.. This is one of those projects I wanted to do, but was just nervous as heck to go out and do. Once you do something often enough, it's not as exciting, but I've never done a live stream. It's exciting to me. I had the shakes long after the show was over.

Drawing from prior experience

In my experience with podcasting, and then video, and now live audio, first experiences are a bit crummy. But you don't let that stop you. You need to keep trying and improving. This is something I try to teach my children. Don't give up because you didn't do as great the first time. You don't get good without failing first.

Another experience, recently, is one in which I posted a YouTube video that uses expletives in Spanish on my RGV Life blog. Somebody commented that I ought to delete it as it is insulting. I do agree that it is insulting, but I have to respect that the creator is out producing something. This is a skill. Rather than kicking somebody down, I'm more inclined to promote their work and hope that they get the incentive to improve their work.

Why should you care?

So, how does this apply to you? Well, you ought to make your mark. Start a blog. Start a podcast. Create some video content. Start a live show. Whatever catches your creative interest, go out and do. Don't let fear stop you. You only fear the unknown. Once you know what you're doing, the fear goes away. I certainly look forward to mine going away. Go; create.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Join Me On BlogTalkRadio

I'll be doing a live show, RGV Life - Weekend Chat, on BlogTalkRadio this weekend, July 28, at 5 PM. You are welcome to call in and chit chat. I'll try to throw together some talking points. English or Spanish is welcome. Give me a call at 646-716-8227 when the show starts so that you can be on the air with me.

Follow the link below so you can bookmark.

Invitation to New Media types in the Rio Grande Valley

If you are into producing video, audio, or other New Media content for the web and live in the Rio Grande Valley, you are welcome to join the RGV New Media community at Ning. Simply go to and sign up. The benefit of joining us on Ning is that the site is open and accessible to people outside of Ning. So, if somebody is thinking about maybe joining but isn't too sure, they can at least read our discussions and posts to determine if joining such august company is worthwhile.

Another advantage is that Ning provides RSS feeds for the forums and blogs. This allows you to keep up with the latest within the group without having to visit the site. You can simply check your RSS reader for updates.

Ning also provides options for uploading media like videos, photos, and widgets. You never know what's going to be cool through the course of the group's history.

The absolute most important reason to join is that you will get to meet and interact with other people in the Rio Grande Valley who are into New Media. The greatest value you will get out of this are the relationships you can forge. We look forward to meeting you.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Video: Harry Potter Book Party

Mrs. Mata and I took our kids to the Harry Potter book Party at Barnes & Noble in McAllen, Texas. This was our second, and last, event. Here is a video I threw together last night.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chamber of Commerce Legislative Luncheon and Dinner

Today I accompanied Rep. Peña to the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce Legislative Luncheon. Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa, Rep. Aaron Peña, and Rep. Veronica Gonzalez reviewed their accomplishments and the accomplishments of the 80th Texas legislative session. The event was held at the Echo Hotel and Conference Center in Edinburg.

Later that evening, the legislators attended the McAllen Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Dinner at the McAllen Country Club. The legislators were joined by fellow Rep. Armando Martinez.

The Valley delegation counts the 80th Session as one of the best for the Rio Grande Valley in History. They largely agree that it is due to their high level of cooperation during the regular session.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just a Little Flooding

Yet some more rain in the Rio Grande Valley. Here is a passtime that some of our residents have decided to do during these times of constant rain. All you need is a tire, a truck, and a rope.

The Rains Keep Coming

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The ground in the Rio Grande Valley is still saturated from recent storms. Flooding is a frequent sight all around the Valley. The forecast calls for more scattered thunderstorms for the rest of the week. With any luck, the rains will be sparse.

Monday, July 16, 2007

A Glimpse of Alamo, Texas

While browsing around on Youtube, I came across this video about Alamo, Texas. It's titled City of Alamo, Texas then and now. Alamo is a nice little town in the Rio Grande Valley. Some good people come out of there. Enjoy the video.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Drive In Movies: Transformers and Evan Almighty

Driving In, Not Thru
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Last night we went to watch Transformers and Evan Almighty at the Wes-Mer Drive In movies. If you've ever been to a drive-in movie, you may recall that they usually offer two movies for one entrance fee. The Wes-Mer is a reasonable $12 per vehicle. Value-minded families will tend to prefer drive-in movies as you get a pretty good deal if you have a large group.

You can find out more about the Wes-Mer by visiting or just doing a Google search.

The Transformers

We had already seen the Transformers and liked it quite a bit. Given the opportunity to watch it again at lower cost was irresistible. As a parent, you should suspend your thoughts about physical proportions and the knowledge that when real cars have collisions, they break into a billion pieces. You'll enjoy the story better that way.

Evan Almighty

You won't leave the theater feeling that you've learned something after having watched Evan Almighty. It's about politics more than it is about God. I would watch it for the humor, but not for anything substantive.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cheap Gas in Mission

Cheap Gas in Mission
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While other stores have raised prices to $2.79, Aziz and HEB on FM 495 (Griffin Parkway) in Mission have remained at $2.64, today.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Ferry at Los Ebanos

Mission recently announced the opening of a new International bridge to cross from Texas into Mexico. There is no shortage of people wanting to cross from one side of the Rio Grande to the other.

Los Ebanos still has a hand-pulled ferry that crosses people across the border. The ferry has been in operation continuously for decades. The ferry has a line tied on both sides of the border that keeps the ferry from floating downstream. It is tethered to pulleys that ride along the line as the ferrymen pull it across. Given its limited capacity for automobiles, the ferry is not the fastest way to cross. It is, however, a fascinating look at a bygone era.

Flooded Street in Mission

Flooded Street
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We had some heavy rains here in Mission, Texas for a short period yesterday. It was enough to flood our street. It drained in a few hours. This is why hurricanes and heavy rains upstream on the Rio Grande are a concern around here. This is why it was so important for Congress to appropriate money to strengthen the levee system that protects. us.
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