Saturday, February 11, 2006

Residents say demolition is not enough

Residents say demolition is not enough: "Mission neighbors want to be relocated away from Helena plant"

Why don't they just move? If it's so dangerous, get the hell out. Damn the cost, deal with that later.

Why aren't the activists raising money to move them out first instead of waiting on the results of litigation? Forget the lawsuit or the government, both known for their swiftness of action. If it's so urgent, get them out now by raising private funds. How can politicians raise thousands, tens of thousads, or millions of dollars for a campaign and not be able to raise a dime to benefit people in danger? Well, then we can't get superfund money. We can't get fair market value for our home. We can't go on the news and say that we are working to do something to help these people.

Do you want to freak out a little? The school district's bus depot is right across the street from that site. I'm sure that on a windy day, some of the contaminated dust made its way over to the bus I rode to and from school for years. You would think activists and neighbors would want to protect "our children". And another thing, the school district used to use the place to store desks, chairs, and other surplus. Nobody is freaking out about that. As the Mexican saying goes, "nomas quieren chingar". It's just business.

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