Friday, February 10, 2006


There are many, many, many blogs that tilt to the left with respect to politics in the Rio Grande Valley. As far as I know, I am the lone conservative blogger here. Aaron Peña is the the most conservative blogger I know, and he's not really that conservative. There's prominent blogs like Dos Centavos, Rio Grande Valley Politics, RGV Politics, Tejano Politico, and Republic of the Rio Grande amongst others. Still, as I am an open-minded republican, who will be voting for democrats come November, I would like to extend an invitation to readers to join me in blogging about life in the Rio Grande Valley. If you wish to remain anonymous, just make a new email address at one of the free services where I can email you an invite. Then make a pseudonym on to write. If you are liberal, you will have the opportunity to balance my bias. You can be of any political leaning; just try to stay on topic with Life in the Rio Grande Valley.

So, I'm willing if you're willing.

I am also willing to discuss things with all of you via the comments in each post. I write my own biased opinions and then moderate the ensuing comments that result. Perhaps you don't realize it, but when you comment, you are already contributing and raising new questions I did not consider. This is really important because I, like so many voters, don't really know who I am electing because all the information we get comes from press releases that don't really tell us anything about the character of our officials. We know what they want us to know. Some of you, may have more insight into the character of our officials. This insight can help the public form opinions based on character rather than the amount of money spent or media coverage.

Related to that, it's also the reason why we should ask our officials to blog. This way we know what they are thinking. It's not easy to BS on a blog that allows comments because the public will call you on it. Acapitolblog is the best local example of how it's done. I don't agree with The Rep all the time, but I know that his opinions and ideas are genuine. I can respect that; and imagine that many of you respect that as well.

So, thank you for your comments, questions, and helping me and other voters know who we are electing. You can't find this stuff in the paper until after somebody gets indicted. Once officials are damaged goods, reporters don't have to kiss their butt anymore. Since I am not influential, nor have any reason to expect favor from officials, my nose is brown only because I am a dark Mexican. So, comment away or join me on RGV Life. Opinions are always welcome.


Anonymous said...

I agree most officials should follow the example of rep. pena. I think his site is awesome. I really enjoy reading his stuff everyday and I learn so much about politics from his site and yours. It's to bad more of our leaders don't take him as an example. I heard he might not run again is this true? If that happened there would be no one left for us young students to have hope in. Jim Solis and Ms. Gonzales are pretty cool as well.

Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so rep!

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