Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Call for New Legislation

I am going to ask our local Reps to call for new legislation requiring people to stand still for a camera. As it is, I'm not that good a photographer. It's that much tougher when people move. Aaron Peña is always on the move as seen here:

We chatted a bit about blogging. Those of you out there blogging, you know that it's a brotherhood of sorts. In some ways, we came to agree, it's not only documentation of a topic, it's documentation of one's life. If you go over to Aaron's blog, you can't say, with a serious face, that he's not doing anything. He tells you what he's up to. The blog also serves as a record of one's life. In my case, descendants will know that I was out learning about candidates. Perhaps this will inspire some of them to do the same. There is also a record of what one believes and if those beliefs change over time. We decided in a bipartisan way that we're cool. Who says Dems and Republicans can't get along?

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