Thursday, February 09, 2006

RGV Life Podcast #6 - out of studio

Podcasting from the student lounge at the College of Business Administration at UTPA. This is just a recap of the posts since show #5. A fully produced show will be recorded on Saturday and then there will be a weekly show.

Thanks rgvmack, denise, montxu, and anonymous for your comments.

No music on this show, I can't install sound editing software on the school computer.

Just a quick note, this show is recorded using a new USB headset. This is the last investment in equipment for the show for a while. Most computers have USB ports, which makes the headsets rather universal. No worrying about stereo or mono jacks. No microphone feedback. Best of all, they have noise canceling to make the recording clearer without so much background noise. If you podcast or audioblog, it's worth the cost.

MP3 File

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