Monday, February 13, 2006

Good day at UTPA

Today was a good day at UTPA. I took some pictures to put our camera to work. These are on the way to my Cost Accounting class. No point to these, just for fun.

Actually, I've always wanted a picture of the cornerstone at the Fine Arts Auditorium. It didn't come out too well. I think I need overhead light for shadow. Anyway, the Grand Lodge of Texas laid the stone back in 1969.

There was no purpose to this picture, it just seemed like a good image.

Again, no purpose. It was just on the way to class.

I can't figure out why these pay binoculars are there. What were they thinking?

Nice water feature from two different views. The landscapers put this in recently.

UTPA College of Business Administration. This is where I hang out.

This is the COBA Student Lounge. I often do my school work in there. It also serves as my on-campus podcast studio. Behind me is the TV we have set to Fox News all day. Not pictured here are the vending machines, sink, and microwave. It's a cool place to hang out.

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