Thursday, February 16, 2006

Meet and Greet

There is an event being held on Friday evening, starting at 6 PM at the Fiesta Ballroom in Palmview. There will be music, food, and drinks. It's a good opportunity to meet some of the candidates. It's also a good opportunity to meet the organizers of the event. The event is sponsored by the following:
  • State Rep. Kino Flores
  • Mission Mayor Beto Salinas
  • Granjeno Mayor Rafael Garza
  • Palmhurst Mayor Ramiro Rodriguez
  • Peñitas Mayor Pro-Tem Marcos Ochoa
  • County Comm. Pct 3, Joe Flores
  • Palmview Mayor Jorge Garcia
  • Alton Mayor Salvador Vela
  • Abram Mayor Norma Estrada

You will have the opportunity to meet:

  • Arturo Guajardo, Jr
  • JD Salinas
  • Ricardo Rodriguez
  • Laura Hinojosa
  • Jesse Contreras
  • Rene Guerra

My mind is made up for District Clerk, but I haven't decided on the other offices. This is a good opportunity to meet some of these guys for the other offices. It's also a good opportunity to talk to the sponsoring politicians.

If anybody has news about any other events, please let me know. I'd like to meet some of the other candidates. I recommend meeting candidates before making up your mind, if you have the opportunity.


Anonymous said...


My advise to you is to vote against EVERY SINGLE ONE of these candidates. All are evil. Anyone that is being supported by likes of Beto, Kino, and Joe can only be so for the express reason of financial gain.

Don't be fooled by this. All those mayors listed there are only there for fear of political retaliation from the 3 wise guys.

Writer said...

I'm going for the free food and to cheer for Laura. After that, I'm taking the wife and kids to the movies. Dinner and a movie, unemployed style!

Anonymous said...

Your negative reinforcement is actually quite the endorsement for the other guys. I'm pressing the button with the "J" in front.

Anonymous said...

Negativity on one is what makes you select the other. But I'm sure you already knew that.

Shaine..Good Point!

Anonymous said...

Shaine I have provided several pieces to you in the past about JD and Rick Rodriguez Im disappointed you did take the time to do your own research with all that was provided. Not lies or myths but facts. Ramon has done a great job even whe surrounded by idiots like Joe Flores, Tito Palacios, and S. Handy. Look at the meetings for yourself. Ricardo Rodriguez is attempting to portray himself as a man of the people what he is not telling you is that in his own immediate family he has 5 personal injury attorneys just waiting to be fed. Dont let his olive oil smile fool you he is a shark just ask the elderly citizens of Edinburg. In the end Shaine you seem like a bright guy dont be fooled by the hype that the JD Rodz camp is trying pull over the voters remember they are politicians.

Writer said...

Give me some credit. My attendance doesn't mean I endorse all the candidates. For sure, you can count on me voting for Laura. The others are still in flux pending more research. I recorded all the speeches as a public service. If I am able to attend other events with different candidates, I would do the same. The sticky point is that I have to know about the event in order to attend.

Also, I don't post everything I hear about candidates. I either can't verify, or I have to protect sources who would have news traced right back to them. And then, there are always the "don't post this on your blog" requests.

I appreciate your information. Just keep in mind that if I go up to JD and company and ask if they are going to screw over the county, they're not going to say "you cought me, it's true." I have to exercise caution with anonymous information because I'm the one who would end up going out on a limb were I to write something about them. Their favor doesn't matter, I just don't want to sound like a dumbass for taking anonymous bait. There is more than one anonymous out there, each pulling for different candidates, and you all type with the same 26 letters of the alphabet. Your information is good to know so I know what to look for, but it's not directly actionable.

Finally, in my research about leadership, leaders generally seek advice and knowledge with difficult decisions, but ultimately make up their own minds rather than be told what to think. I'd like to believe myself a leader (I'll ask my wife). Please share your knowledge, it is welcome; but don't tell me what to think. I'm not putting you down; I am asking for a little respect.

Anonymous said...

Dude! Quit slamming Shaine. Do your own research. You won't cause you don't have the ability to do it and the facts to backup your baseless accusations.


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