Thursday, February 09, 2006

FOX News Poll: Democrats Make Gains on Issues

FOX News Poll: Democrats Make Gains on Issues: "More voters think it would be better for the country if Democrats win control of Congress"

This will no doubt make some of you happy. Don't read too much into it. John Kerry was supposed to come really close to beating GW, until people turned out to vote. Remember all the suprise at how off the mark the polls were. Have hope, but don't gloat yet. Most conservatives are out earning a living rather than sitting around answering telephone polls. This is good for dems, no doubt. Just keep in mind that polls are skewed leftwards slightly. There are months to go until November. Voters will mostly remember what happened in October.


Anonymous said...

Being an avid reader of your blog, I have become increasing disappointed in your inability to see both sides of the picture. Your arguments are one sided and not thorougly researched. Though I commend your enthusiasm and concerned interests for politics (its so rare to encounter a person who does), I suggest that before you bash and ridicule opposing parties, take a moment to research your opinions before you post such negative vibes onto your blog.

Though Kerry did not win this election, we must not forget his numbers were not too far behind. In both elections, the numbers were almost tied. In our recent national polls, President Bush's numbers are increasingly down. Its not that the Democrats have a big conspiracy going on Shaine, its that America as a whole (even the most conservative of Republicans in office even!) have turned their backs on this administration. A realization of the demise of this country has been uncovered. The people are tired of the lies, tired of the ignorance and tired of our world leader not necessarily being a leader but a pawn.

In a podcast a few days ago, you argued that liberals should just be quiet and not argue anymore. What sort of message are you sending? We live in a country where being liberal is a right and an ability not used in other countries. Because someone has an opinion different than yours does not automatically justify your opinion to be the truth. Conservatives have had 6 years as the ruling party in our democracy and I'm sorry to say, America isn't very pleased.

Thanks for the time. -Katie

Writer said...

Thanks for reading and listening Katie. I am going to try to balance the blog by inviting a liberal blogger to contribute to RGV Life. If you would like to do it, send me your email address (doesn't have to be your main one) so I can send a blogger invitation to you.

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