Thursday, February 23, 2006

Top Overnight Recordings

Here are the overnight hits on the recordings of last night's forum:
Interview with Ricardo Rodriguez 3
Interview with Judge Rudy Gonzalez 1
Interview with JD Salinas 2
Fight for the DA's Office 5
Short Interview with Dora Salinas 2
David Gonzalez for Dist. 38 Rep. 0
Ramon Garcia Vs JD Salinas 10
Arnie v Eddie v David 0
Hidalgo County Judge Ramon Garcia 2

It looks like readers of this blog are Hidalgo-centric based on the lack of interest in the Dist. 38 candidates. Also, it looks like you are really interested in two offices, County Judge and District Attorney. I see this as you guys either want to see some blood or it's a sign of looming change. What is your interest in these races?

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