Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Job Hunt

Just in case nobody donates money to RGV Life, I have filled out applications for some job openings at UTPA. I just finished printing them all out and am headed over to Human Resources to sign and turn them in. Working at Pan Am would be really convenient for me to be able to finish my degree. It would be just one drive each day for work and class. If I get in, it will be at least a 2 to 3 year commitment for me while I finish school.

People keep asking me my major, which is Finance. I am thinking about adding Accounting to it. Then they ask me where I want to work afterwards. People think I would go into banking or some other securities type business. The truth is, I don't care where I work. As long as I can help the business make money and get well rewarded for it, the type of business is of little consequence. I simply like business. It could be the sale of products, services, or even what I do here, produce intellectual property. I really like making things happen more than I am enamored of any field. After working at the restaurants and Confetti, I came to realize that it's not so much about what you know that makes a good employee (I've had to train some). It's how hard you are willing to work and how willing you are to learn.
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