Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's Party Time!

Today is the first day of early voting in the Rio Grande Valley. In Hidalgo County, particularly, the political landscape is all Democrat. There is no Republican in sight, so the primaries ARE the election. Understandably, it's party time. Many of the campaigns are having big bashes to help turn out the vote. This morning, I was at a barbacue for the Laura Hinojosa Campaign. I drove by Ramon Garcia's campaign earlier today and saw something going on. Later I heard that his people will be partying for two weeks. Tomorrow, I'll be stopping by to get some pics and maybe even meet the judge.

I even saw an airplane flying over McAllen with a banner for Ricardo Rodriguez dragging behind. The campaign workers tell me that it's been out on the weekends. Overall, this is an exciting time. This is especially true with the new electronic voting systems. Campaigns will have information about the voting come in overnight and will be able to focus their efforts.

Earlier today, I also ran into some campaign workers for Gregorio Treviño, for HC Commissioner Pct. 2. They're supporting Greg because they think Tito has been there too long. The way it was described to me is "ya se creen caciques". I don't know what a cacique would be in English. His job on a ranch is to boss the hired hands around. He was supporting the challenger because he wanted to see some change after so many years.

I also ran into supporters of Mauro Reyna and Rudy Gonzalez. If you don't have a chance to meet the candidates themselves, before you go vote, you should talk to the campaign workers and find out more about the candidates. If you get a chance, stop by campaign HQs to pick up some food and then go vote.

I realized earlier today that I won't be able to vote in the primaries because there are no Republican candidates. I'll have to wait until November to rubber stamp the Dem. candidates who win the primaries. In the meantime, I'm having fun.


Junkbox said...


You can cross over and vote in the Democratic primaries, without comprimising your Republican vote in November. We'd love to have you!
I tend to steer Green myself, but you have to live in reality.

Writer said...

What happened to your blog?

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