Thursday, February 23, 2006

I went to vote

I walked by the polling location at the Pan Am library and saw that they have a space for the Republican Primary. So, I thought, what the hell? I'll vote. So, I took my license, the worker got my precinct off the computer and I was sent over to the Democrat side. I must have signed up as a Dem back in my youth. I'll need to fix that. In the meantime, I got to vote in the Dem. primary. So, it's over for me. It doesn't matter what the candidates do anymore, my choices have been cast. I can finally step back from all the reading and writing about politics. I'm free! By the way, if you support Kinky Friedman, don't vote. He needs people who have not voted to get him into the general election.

I also want to take the opportunity to let you know that Votexas kicks ass. The polls used to have a giant printout with voter info for your precinct. Then, the workers would look for your name line by line and cross you off. It's much faster with the computers because they can find your info with your ID number. Then, the voting machine adjusts itself according to your precinct. And then, you get your precinct's ballot. This means that you don't have to wait for the machine set up for your precinct. You can use any available machine. The process is so much faster. The machines are easy to understand,they are touchscreen, and can be in English or Spanish. Once you make your selections, it gives you a chance to review your choices. Afterwards, there is a red button at the top that lights up for you to press it and cast your ballot. I can't wait until November 7th to vote again.

I think that the whole process will be much faster this year on election day due to the improvements.


Anonymous said...

Shaine, Oh Great One, may I ask who you voted for?

Writer said...

Maybe after the end of the primaries.

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