Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Don't tell me how to vote

Listen to RGV Life audio blog entries. Usually if I can't access a computer for quick notes. This is not part of the RGV Life podcast.

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Feb 21st is 1st day of early voting. If you vote early, you will save yourself time and trouble on March 7th.

Getting a lot of feedback on Laura Hinojosa's speech in Palmview. I'm getting positive and negative comments. Comments from anonymous people showing big anti-Laura bias. I won't delete those comments.

I want to bring information to others and they decide. I believe that people should make informed decisions, but I won't tell them how to vote. I expect the same respect in return. I will, however, express my opinion, which is different from telling you how to vote. I can't act on rumors because they are unverifiable.

Discuss how I am arriving at a decision. Don't think I can vote Dem in the primaries.

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