Saturday, February 18, 2006

Post Event Notes

Yesterday, I posted an announcement about the event tonight. I started helping Sally with folding some flyers and getting ready for the event in Palmview. Later we went to Palmview to prepare the location. When we got there, the ballroom was still locked. Rose, Kino's staff member who organized the event, made some calls to have the place opened up. It was during this time that the cold front decided to move in, so we were freezing and getting wet.

Once we got in, we started setting up the tables and decorations. Sally and I went back to the headquarters to pick up a couple of 4 x 8 signs to put on some really high-visible locations that JD's people missed. Before leaving, we put up some lawn signs outside, or attempted. The dirt is REALLY hard to penetrate out there. From there, I went for my people (family) and we arrived a bit late, but in time to catch the speeches.

The equipment used to record is an ordinary iRiver T10 MTP, which records and encodes in mp3 format. These recordings use the built-in microphone on the iRiver. The camera is a Nikon Coolpix 5600. It's a good camera, I'm just a lousy photographer.

I haven't decided whether or not to put the recordings in the podcast feed. I took out the direct mp3 links too. I am not sure if I should force people to visit the site to hear the recordings or just distribute them freely through the podcast feed. The reason for this is that I went through the trouble of bringing the media to you, which anybody else could do, yet don't. I'd appreciate feedback on the issue.

I took some other pictures. One is of Sally hiding her face, but I won't post it, she obviously did not want to be seen on the web. Michael Garner, seen sitting here, is probably as much of a ham as me.

And these two are my people, Magnus and Tien. I did not stay to interview and schmooze with the candidates because we wanted to take these two to watch Curious George. By the way, I recommend you go watch the movie with your kids. It's funny, and very innocent. You walk out feeling... happy.

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