Saturday, February 25, 2006

Looking for some fun

Today, I had wanted to take my kids to the events in Edinburg. Earlier this week, I saw the banner over University Drive in front of the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce. I woke up a little late today, then went over to the Laura Hinojosa campaign to see what I could do, and got home around 5pm. The kids were ready and waiting to go. So, we went to Edinburg and we couldn't find the event. I hope it was more than just the parade and we simply couldn't find it. In Mission, when we have the Texas Citrus Fiesta, it lasts all day and into the evening. In Hidalgo, the Border Fest lasts all day and into the evening. Suffice it to say, we didn't find anything.

Having set out to have some fun, we aimed to do it. We were out close to the Carmike Theatre and Planet Pizza. Having never been to Planet Pizza and being deficient in fun, we decided to go. We could dig the whole buffet idea. Although it's all you can eat, we don't always eat all we can. It's nice in there, very roomy. The detail is great. It's just missing something. We tried the game room and were disappointed. Many of them were not working, they were either out of order or would just eat your tokens. We had limited options for the kids, so we decided to leave. We probably won't return.

Still lacking fun, we thought about going to The Zone Action Park in McAllen. So we drove over there. At first, we were almost disappointed. The machine by the door that dispenses cards was not working. Fortunately, we found one that does work. We intended to play outside, but the bumper boats were not running and our son is too small for the go-karts. Of course, we're not about to toss the 4 year old in the batting cage. That just left miniature golf, but it was already getting cool. Fortunately, The Zone has more variety in games and a larger percentage of them work. Plus, they have the standard fare in "fun food" like nachos, ice cream, soda, corn dogs, etc... We will definitely return there.

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