Thursday, February 09, 2006


There's this letter to the editor in today's Monitor.

February 09,2006
The Monitor

Salinas is a worthy candidate for judge

To the editor:

I read with great curiosity a letter by Roxanne Sanchez of Mission on Feb. 5, which indicated she has some questions for Hidalgo County Judge candidate J.D. Salinas.

J.D. knows all members of the community are hard-working.

But how many of us could afford to give $5,000, $10,000 or even $30,000 in one payment to a political candidate? I don’t think many of us could. It is only the wealthy who have given contributions to the current county judge.

J.D. has put a lot of his won money into his campaign. That money is listed as a loan on the campaign finance report because that’s what is required by law.

J.D. is a lot like you and me, he works hard for his money and he won’t take a campaign donation unless he’s putting some money in himself. The simple fact that J.D. has money to lend to his campaign indicates financial responsibility, and he didn’t make his money off the anguish and misery of others.

And J.D. appreciates those who have donated $25 to his campaign just as much as he appreciated a $5,000 donor. It’s not the amount that matters; the gesture of support is what is important.

Ramon is a wealthy trial lawyer who has made his money off of the suffering of others. This trial lawyer’s wealth is the reason he doesn’t have to list loans.

Doesn’t anyone do anything free of charge for Ramon Garcia?

Because I noticed your name listed on some of his past campaign finance reports as receiving money from him.

Isn’t that the real reason you wrote the letter and why you feel you have to vote for him?

It isn’t too late to change your mind, Ms. Sanchez, and no one will know who you cast your vote for.

Jaime Cisneros,


There is reference, as described in some anonymous comments here, about JD loaning himself money and the Judge self-financing. I don't see how making the choice between the candidates a class war has anything to do with the choice for the job. After all, the current judge may be loaded and still be a good guy.

I at first did not have issue with the Judge having a law practice in addition to his job at the county. There is the county commissioner in Mission who has a successful business and spends all his time working for his precinct. In addition, he lets the county use his construction equipment for work in his precinct. I can't remember if he loans it free of charge or charges a rate low enough to cover his cost only. The point is, is Judge Garcia fully invested in the county or in his practice? So, I am considering the lack of focus in my decision.

Does JD Salinas have another business outside of his county job? I don't know; I'm asking. If you have information, please post a comment.
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