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There's this letter to the editor in today's Monitor.

February 09,2006
The Monitor

Salinas is a worthy candidate for judge

To the editor:

I read with great curiosity a letter by Roxanne Sanchez of Mission on Feb. 5, which indicated she has some questions for Hidalgo County Judge candidate J.D. Salinas.

J.D. knows all members of the community are hard-working.

But how many of us could afford to give $5,000, $10,000 or even $30,000 in one payment to a political candidate? I don’t think many of us could. It is only the wealthy who have given contributions to the current county judge.

J.D. has put a lot of his won money into his campaign. That money is listed as a loan on the campaign finance report because that’s what is required by law.

J.D. is a lot like you and me, he works hard for his money and he won’t take a campaign donation unless he’s putting some money in himself. The simple fact that J.D. has money to lend to his campaign indicates financial responsibility, and he didn’t make his money off the anguish and misery of others.

And J.D. appreciates those who have donated $25 to his campaign just as much as he appreciated a $5,000 donor. It’s not the amount that matters; the gesture of support is what is important.

Ramon is a wealthy trial lawyer who has made his money off of the suffering of others. This trial lawyer’s wealth is the reason he doesn’t have to list loans.

Doesn’t anyone do anything free of charge for Ramon Garcia?

Because I noticed your name listed on some of his past campaign finance reports as receiving money from him.

Isn’t that the real reason you wrote the letter and why you feel you have to vote for him?

It isn’t too late to change your mind, Ms. Sanchez, and no one will know who you cast your vote for.

Jaime Cisneros,


There is reference, as described in some anonymous comments here, about JD loaning himself money and the Judge self-financing. I don't see how making the choice between the candidates a class war has anything to do with the choice for the job. After all, the current judge may be loaded and still be a good guy.

I at first did not have issue with the Judge having a law practice in addition to his job at the county. There is the county commissioner in Mission who has a successful business and spends all his time working for his precinct. In addition, he lets the county use his construction equipment for work in his precinct. I can't remember if he loans it free of charge or charges a rate low enough to cover his cost only. The point is, is Judge Garcia fully invested in the county or in his practice? So, I am considering the lack of focus in my decision.

Does JD Salinas have another business outside of his county job? I don't know; I'm asking. If you have information, please post a comment.


Junkbox said...


You are dead on with the questions. We need more like these. Attack mongers away!!!

Anonymous said...


You were the last person I thought would turn out like this. The Judge has been there through thick and thin. JD had been trying for years to get out of here. Why do you think he campaigned to hard the last time that John Sharp ran. He was hoping for a way up a la Tony Garza.

JD's other business are land development. Like the mayor in Mission, and your beloved commissioner. And who handles land? Think about it Shaine. JD esta vien vendido!!

Writer said...

Thanks, I didn't know what JD did for a living other than working for the county. That's why I asked what else he does. I haven't totally given up on the Judge, I like his County Christmas parties and I don't know if JD will continue them.

Seriously, you've given me somthing to think about. As for Beto Salinas in Mission, I thought he was successful in insurance. The commissioner, I thought had a construction company.

In cases where politicians have other kinds of businesses besides real estate, I would give the benefit of the doubt. The current County Judge has a law practice, which is OK. I think he also deals in land (wasn't the corner of 10th and Dove his?). So, that makes JD and the Garcia even. Obviously, dealing in development leaves a bad impression for public officials. This is especially true if it's in an area where you have influence. If, for example, they dealt in development in Cameron County, it wouldn't be a big deal.

So, I'm back to square one. You have made me undecided again.

Anonymous said...

Its very simple Shaine JD and his wicked witch of the east and waylon jennings to the west are all waiting for Federal monies to be pulled down for infrastructure improvements. We are just about sea level in the valley if you havent noticed so the Fed Gov is going to improve those areas to prevent another Katrina disaster in those areas that are prone to Hurricane damage or have the potential to be damaged. Guess what 2 areas of the valley need the most work?? J.Flores Precinct and S. Handy Precinct. Every commis decides where the improv goes and who gets the contracts for making these improvs plus the County judge and the commiss. also appoint which bank will hold all these monies over 2 Billion possibly over the next couple of years. Which is the bank supporting JD, Ricky Rod, Art Guajardo???? Shaine you seem like an intelligent soul. We dont need a new county judge we need new Commissioners Joe Flores for all his philanthropy would better serve his precinct by funding more education projects in the colonias he represents. Sylvia Handy well I dont know much about her other than she was supporting Ramon Garcia last time...Shaine research research research.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, not ony has "the Judge been there through thick and thin." but he always does his best to help others less fortunate. By the way Shaine, did you know that he donates all of his county paycheck to charitable causes? It's obvious he's not in it for the money but to make this county a better place for the future of our children. JD must not know that or he wouldn't have come out sounding as ignorant as he looks in his commercials, where he states how Ramon Garcia even voted himself a pay raise. Why shouldn't he get a pay raise? Didn't JD stop to think that by Judge Garcia getting a pay raise, he (Judge Garcia) doesn't get any of that money, but instead gives it to the needy. His commercials really don't make sense, its just a bunch of negativity. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. By the way, so what if the Judge has some land and a law office? The Judge is obviously able to handle all that and still run the county and save the taxpayers some money. You should stop and think why the 4 commissioners want him out so bad, and why they are all being helped by First National Bank. They all have their own agenda, and it's not about improving our community, but rather improving their bank accounts. I wonder how many commissioners are now millionaires and own alot of land? Check out north and then go west.

Anonymous said...


You really should do more research on your topics before you post them. Judge Garcia has attorneys who work for him, so he doesn't have to. You need to look at the official Hidalgo County website and look at the County Judge's state of the county to see how well he's done for this county.

Anonymous said...

Hey, calm down with Shaine. That's what the post was for in the first place. He asked for input!

But I heard the same as Anonymous #1. S & F (Beto Salinas & Joe Flores) Development Company works out of Mission. These guys go around buying land for a real cheap price, and then have the city or county install water, sewage, etc. After it's been devoloped free of charge, they sell it off for a HUGE profit. Through their positions, these guys already know which pieces of land will be in demand in the near future.

The other Flores (Kino) is in with them, too. He made a killing in the Veteran's cementary that just opened.

And as far as county politics is concerned, we need to rid ourselves of the biggest powerbrokers. The beast from the east, Handy, who never met a dollar she didn't like. I also hears she has a fondness for young men. And in the west is Beto. Many keep saying Billy. Billy can hold his own, but Beto is the one trying to get complete control of everything. He controls JD for sure, and has several links to shady people in Mexico. (most that live at Cimmaron with him!)

Writer said...

Regarding research before I post, this blog IS my research when you participate and offer some information. Having said that, thank you for the information. I was leaning towards JD and now I'm leaning towards Judge Garcia. I don't dislike people for having money. I hope to be loaded someday too. What I find disagreeable is how some of these people take advantage of their "insider information" to influence the development of our communities.

Can you offer more detail on how JD is connected to Beto?

In Mission, things are going much better than they used to be. I don't know how much of that can be attributed to Beto Salinas; I know that Steve Austin has done a lot to professionalize the city. So, Salinas may be benefitting from having a good team working under him.

Anonymous said...

Beto Salinas is the father of Rick Salinas "the movie star wannabe" who also is a influential attorney and close personal friend of the late Judge aparicio. We all know what was going to happen with that guy. Rick Salinas was also mentioned as a person of intrest on the FBI list along with another attorney that is the first cousin of Ricardo Rodriguez who is running for 92nd court. Rick Salinas is helping fund. JD, Ricardo Rodriguez, and Jesse Contreras. He wants JD in for to help his dad $$$ and Ricardo and Jesse to help him in the court room. Shain I didnt been to be rude to you its just that the corruption will not vote in sound people with no intrests like Judge Garcia and Eric Cardenas Jarvis to office. Both of these men whether they are affiliated or not have a true sense of doing the right thing for the right reasons. Neither of them need the petty cash or bribes. Leave that to the current commissioners. Our county is on the right track we dont need an Eloy Pulido Jr in JD salinas again. I believe that JD is a good man but the powers that influence him and his pocketbook will control him its simple economics supply and demand, who has it and who needs it. Let your conscience be your guide on March 7 ask yourself who?? and why??

Writer said...

I made a new post at Open My Eyes to continue the discussion. I hope you will continue educating me. My first question is, how does Sylvia Handy fit into all of this?

Anonymous said...

Please, anyone who knows Rick Salinas knows he's the most pinche M.F. attorney you'll ever run across. No way I believe whoever wrote that.

Anonymous said...

Salinas is only pinche in the sense that he won't give you a dime without $$ in return. The money he's giving right now is an investment. If his clowns get in, he's sure to make several times more.

As for you have a former topless dancer that somehow got elected to a school board, and eventually to her current position as commissioner. But Handy's a little smarter. She's got a habit of giving jobs to anyone that runs against her, or will potentially do so. Thus, eliminating her biggest challengers. With sweet land deals like Beto, Joe, and Oscar Garza, she's managed to make herself quite wealthy.

And any wealthy politician strives to keep their influence for years to come. Basically, she wants to be the Billy Leo of the east. This is when Handy decided to make a "pact" with several past and current candidates. Her cronies include JD, Rick Rdz, Tito, Oscar, DA Rene, Joe, Jesse C., and several other not as well know people. All it took was $10Ks a pop, and each would work in on bring votes for one another.
They are off and running.

God Bless Hidalgo County........

Junkbox said...


Before you make up your mind and vote for "sound people with no interests like Judge Garcia and Eric Cardenas Jarvis to office" (what anonymous posted), please read the other perspective on which cleary indicated the millions of dollars in potential litigation these two "sound" gentlemen and their cronies stand to make. So pick you poison. Let's not be naive! Anyone running for these position has an interest group behind them, so which is the lesser of the evil? Sad, but true, greed is the driving factors here. Shaine, just don't let them sell you on the fact the anti JD Salinas camp is a group oh choir boys. HA!

Anonymous said...

How about some facts junkbox?

And why are you promoting earn's blog? Don't you have one of your own? Oh, I forgot! It's blank!

Shaine, you'll go back and forth with this because you'll never get either group to admit to an accusation. I'm telling you this as a voter. Earn & Junkbox are paid campaign workers for the Rdz camp. You and I as citizens can't possibly have the time to have the information that these two post. Why do they? Because that's all they do.

I personally am voting for Garcia and Jarvis because if any association is true, anything that happens is between them. You see, these guys already have the money. The others want it. With the other camp, you have too many people that have an interest in their success. Starting with the P family in Edinburg who is trying to control valley politics, and even your Mission mayor who has similar ambitions.

The choice is yours. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...


Tell me why you're so upset with what you stated about "...cleary indicated the millions of dollars in potential litigation these two "sound" gentlemen and their cronies stand to make. So pick you poison. Let's not be naive!"?

First of all what is wrong with individuals who sacrifice to get a good education, get a law degree and both pass the bar on the first time? So they're good at what they do. Why shouldn't they get paid for what they do? So now they have "cronies" because these "cronies" also make money? What's wrong with making money? They're not out robbing a bank...(whoops, sorry JD). So now to end this, "pick your poison." What's that supposed to infer, that just because someone makes good money at what he/she does, their evil?

Junkbox said...


Let me be very clear. I am not a paid political worker and I don't know who Earn is.

This is the point; there is an empty court. There are two people that want it with very powerful groups of people behind them. Apparently, for either group having a friendly judge on the bench could signify potential good times. The question is: Is this the case? Or are we focusing on the mud slinging of both sides?

Remember this is the fourth time a Ramon Garcia backed candidate has attempted to get elected into a court. (Remember Robbie's two failed campaigns, and Jarvis last one?)

Now remember aside from the fact that both sides stand to benefit from their candidate also take into account that the new judge will be faced with a huge caseload of common (and non lucrative) cases. Murders, domestic violence, etc. Now ask yourself this: Who is more qualified? It bothers me that Eric is the attorney of record on a very small amount of cases. Also the fact that any leanings away from Eric towards intelligent dialogue just get bashed by his supporters. This indicates to me a lack of focus and substance in his camp.


How can anyone admit to an accusation you haven't made? Make your accusation! I don't think you have one! Let me go to the restroom while you reply with an attack.

Anonymous said...

Hey Junkbox,

I'm glad you brought up the fact that you're "bothered" "that Eric is the attorney of record on a very small amount of cases." Many times what counts is substance and quality of one's work as opposed to the quantity. I'm sure that if Eric hangs around the courthouse everyday trying to pick up and get ct. appointments like Mr. Ricardo Rodriguez, he too would have over a thousand cases under his belt. Let's not forget though, that the cases Mr. Rodriguez was ct appointed on were simply dwi cases and the like. It's my understanding that there really is not much work or research in those type of cases. The majority of those cases are pled out and never go before a jury. From what i've read, Eric has done a fair amount of trial litigation in all types of cases. He has taken on a few criminal cases, but that's because as he put it, "i did not want to become a criminal defense attorney." He is more interested in civil litigation. Now you ask yourself who of the 2 you think are more qualified for the job. One who has actual trial court experience and knows how to research the law and apply it, or someone who can plea out a case. In addition, could you please explain what you mean by the following: "Also the fact that any leanings away from Eric towards intelligent dialogue just get bashed by his supporters." I'm not quite sure what you mean by it, but would like to understand it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Junkboy..first you say that you are not a paid political worker. Then you say that you know who Earn is. I'm assuming that he knows you, too.

Result: Both of you have joined in these blogs to promote Rdz. Are you guy just boring fools, or have nothing better to do? You have to be paid! Blogs take time, and research. Yet you boys will do it for free. I don't think so.

You also mention that Ramon has been after this bench for a while. Ramon's beef was with Aparicio. (with your research, I'm sure you know why!!) Now he's got no reason to go after it. This bench is no different from the others. Mr. Jarvis is on his own on this one.

As Anonymous before me said, they handle the same stuff other benches do. You make it seem like this is a special chair. Jarvis wanted this one before, the question is why does Rdz want it? I doubt he know himself.....

Anonymous said...

The question was, does JD have another business? Yes Jiii construction.
Is he full-time? Is the pot calling the kettle black?

Writer said...

Hey, I don't get paid for this blog!

Anonymous said...

Jeez, Shaine!!!

He's talking about JD!!!

Get with it, man!!!

Writer said...

Well, I added donation buttons since that last one, so if anybody gives, I guess might get paid. Will you be my sugardaddy?

Anonymous said...

to answer your questions: JD Salinas does not have any other job right now. He is a full-time candidate for county judge. No, he does not work for J-III Concrete, owned by AC Cuellar. AC is JD's brother in law, but JD does not work for that company. JD is a public servant with no other employment or distractions.

Anonymous said...

Public Servant, JD? Give me a break. That guys a true politician, and not a very good one at that.

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