Thursday, February 09, 2006

Boid Watching

Boid Watching: "A Joisey guy writing for a Yankee paper visits the Rio Grande Valley. Supposedly ecotourism is a big draw for the region. If you've ever wondered just what attracts these people to South Texas, these entries from a Maine newspaper blog might give you an idea.The author, an avid birder, describes in detail his trip to the 'birding mecca' of the Rio Grande Valley. In addition to complementing the Tex-Mex food available (he needed help translating the menue because he only speaks English and 'Joisey'), he describes the various birdwatching spots in South Texas in two very lengthy posts: Part 1 and Part 2.Did you know that waste disposal sites are good bird-watching areas? ... The McAllen Sewage Ponds were not the most aesthetically or aromatically pleasing destination of the trip, but the 91 Black-necked Stilts there made the visit more than worthwhile. ...... Our next stop was the famous Brownsville Dump. While Tamaulipas Crows are no longer reliably found there (and we did not see any), we had a great time thanks to the sheer numbers of birds there ...In addition, he also posts photos of his trip, including pictures taken at Bentsen, Anzalduas and Falcon Dam parks."

If you put aside the corruption, the terrible heat in the Summer, the fact that you can't do anything without a car, low wages, high unemployment, easy access to drugs, poor school districts, and that we are so far from civilization, the RGV does have some good features. It can be a pretty good place to live.

To further knock environmentalists, notice how the birds prefer the dumps and sewage ponds.

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