Saturday, February 11, 2006

U.S. Cites Rise in Violence Along Border With Mexico

Cites Rise in Violence Along Border With Mexico
: "Wow! We it finally made
the New York Times. The drugs and the related violence that we have watched over
the years grow and grow here on the border is being made note of in the nation's
paper of record and the halls of congress. I can remember when some chamber of
commerce types told me that it was all part of my imagination and that I was
doing a disservice to the community by bringing up the subject. Where are they
now? Probably cowering behind a gated fence while other less fortunates are
forced to confront the cold realities that they once denied.Now the violence and
the spread of drugs has reached such proportions that it has silenced the
critics. No, now they are hiring public relations firms to cover-up the drug
related violence that runs through our streets. I just couldn't believe it when
I read that story. Rather than attack the root of the problem which they once
denied existed, they now bring in spin doctors to hide or shade the truth. That
truth that continues to grow has not changed, drugs, its violence and organized
crime are slowly eating away at our social fabric and society and if effective
action is not taken immediately, even at this late hour, irreversible damage
will be done to a significant part of this nation. I call upon those early
critics to read here -- tru"

More on border violence from State Rep. Aaron Peña He has been keeping an eye on the subject. In this latest blog entry, he notes how our struggle in the Rio Grande Valley is finally making news in the New York Times and making waves in Washington.


Anonymous said...

God has touched that man. God bless Rep. Pena for having the courage to speak up when so many others hid from the truth.

Anonymous said...

do you belive in new order that is what is going to happen so no matter what we do it is going to get wors.

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