Thursday, February 16, 2006

Don't Blame Tax Cuts

Don't Blame Tax Cuts: "Federal deficits finally are getting action in Washington this year. President Bush attacked them in his State of the Union speech Jan. 31, calling for spending restraint. And Democrats are upset that President Bush's 2003 tax cuts supposedly are not prod..."

Bam! Pow! Take that, big spenders. This is really funny:
"Democrats will fight the president’s anti-widow and anti-children agenda," House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi,

Widows would be helped if we got rid of the death tax. Children don't pay taxes, but their parents do. Help the parents and you help the children.

Then there is this:
From 2003 to 2005, federal revenue rose to $2.15 trillion, a 20 percent rise.

So, if tax cuts result in a 20% increase over 3 years (about 6.5% a year), then Congress has been spending more than that each year. Republicans aren't going to get slack on this one. They can't blame Democrats for spending like lottery winners because they aren't in power. Yeah, yeah, the Dems are going to say all kinds of stuff about starving children, starving old people, taking wheelchairs away from the disabled, and giving tax breaks to the rich; yada, yada. Sadly, the press won't call them on these lies and Americans will buy into the nonsense. It bothers me that Dems, known for their ability to stay out of people's business and handle money, may gain traction in the coming elections. I can't feel bad for the Republicans in Congress. They brought it on themselves.

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