Monday, February 13, 2006

Trying Out VoIP Through Gizmo Project

I am trying out a communication service that allows me to make calls over the web. It's an open standards service, which means it's compatible with other services. The reason for using it is that we don't have a home phone and it can be expensive to make long calls on my cell phone. So, this offers a good alternative for me to make phone calls where I'm going to be on hold for many minutes. They charge about 1 cent per minute, a bargain compared to the 10 cents per minute my cell phone charges. Of course, if any of you use this service, it is free for computer to computer calls.

The main reason I decided to use the Gizmo Project is because the software will allow me to call guests to the podcast and record the conversation so that I can add it to the show. So, I am hoping to have phone interviews in the future. My Gizmo Project user name is shainelee and my SIP is 1-747-638-0861. I don't think it's an active phone number, just an ID for finding me on the web.

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