Saturday, February 11, 2006

3 vie for Hidalgo County district clerk spot

3 vie for Hidalgo County district clerk spot: "The winner will administer an annual budget of about $2 million, receive a yearly salary of more than $68,000 and serve as the registrar, recorder and custodian of court records directly or indirectly affecting virtually everyone in the county...."

After reading that article, I get the impression that the race is really between Laura Hinojosa and Robert Mendoza. I know it's fashionable to thing "innocent til proven guilty", but you don't see people taking their children to Michael Jackson in droves. Tom Delay hasn't been proven guilty of anything, but politicians are distancing themselves. Similarly with Omar Guerrero, he has not been found guilty of anything, but after so many stories about his absences, missing court dates, of which he is the keeper of records, drugs, alcohol, and whatever other stories, why would we think all of these things in combination are a big misunderstanding or a little personal problem? One or two things, maybe. One after the other, it's just difficult to believe.

So, who will you favor? Robert Mendoza or Laura Hinojosa?
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