Friday, February 03, 2006

Podcast No. 2

Border Sheriffs Receive State Grant
Gov. Rick Perry announced funding, yesterday, of $3.8 million to help sheriffs increase border security. Both Hidalgo and Star Counties will receive $223,000 each. The program is called Operation Linebacker.

Federal Agents Raid a Safe House in Brownsville
Immigration and Customs agents found illegals in a Country Club home in Brownsville. The immigrants, who will be deported, are from Central America.

New ID Database for Lost or Missing Immigrants
This is old news, but the Mexican consulate has a database that helps families in Mexico find lost relatives in the U.S. Many times illegal immigrants lose touch with their families back home who are left wondering if their loved one is alive or dead.

Stumbling Start for Drug Program Spark Congressional Debate
This isn't local news, but it's interesting that people blame Congress for making the program too complicated. But there is plenty of blame to go around. Some people blame George Bush while others blame the insurance companies. Democrats are already working to use the issue towards the upcoming elections. The majority of people using the program are getting their prescriptions filled, but there are problems for some.

I am totally disturbed that the entitlement program was created at all, especially by a Republican controlled government. What were they thinking?

San Benito home used as prostitution house
In San Benito, a man named Donald Frisbie was running a prostitution operation out of his home. His workers were Mexican women that he would bring over. He also made a little extra money selling porn DVDs.

Former Mayor Joe Ochoa Will Run Again
In Edinburg, former mayor Joe Ochoa announced his intent to run for mayor to regain his seat, which he lost to current mayor Richard Garcia in 03. Joe Ochoa was mayor for 10 years. People who attended the campaign kickoff on Thursday feel that Richard Garcia has not attracted any major projects like Ochoa did.

New Wal-Mart in the Works for McAllen
The McAllen Wal-Mart on 23rd and Nolana is about to move and become a Wal-Mart Supercenter. The new location will be down the street on Nolana at the corner of Ware. I drove by today and crews were busy preparing the grounds for the coming construction. There will also be a third McAllen Target near that same intersection.

Jessica Reyes-Martinez
Martinez V Martinez No Mas

Future Ex-wife Now Ex-candidate

Reyes-Martinez Staying out of Race

Civil Rights vs. Hidalgo County Democratic Party

I have four links on the website about Jessica Reyes-Martinez deciding not to run for District 39 Rep against Mando Martinez. To recap, she is citing a desire to focus on her family. Rio Grande Valley Politics blog, the last of the links, has a chronology of the whole matter.

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