Tuesday, February 07, 2006

RGV Life Podcast #5


new scandal
new political website
illegal gambling
criticism of prez budget
McAllen will be losing over 200 jobs
Valley Schools honored

I second my condolonces to the Salinas family; now JD if you can just shed
the added baggage of Ricardo Rodriguez and Arturo Guajardo, you may just get to
where you want to go. Unload those losers and their shady supporters and youll
earn my vote.

What baggage do Ricardo Rodriguez and Arturo Guajardo have? I'm afraid I don't know about these two men, so I am a little bit lost with your comment.


Eddie Saenz must be pooping bricks right now. This dude Gonzalez
ran his campaign in Edcouch/Elsa for State Rep. Big money must have changed
hands because after loosing he became city engineer.

Oh crap, can you
spell FBI. Joe Ochoa better find another sugar daddy.

Squeel, squeel,
squeeeeeeeeeel ......

This is a funny comment. I cracked up when I read it. I guess time will tell where the investigation leads. There is a post titled Musings on Tuesday Morning by Valley Politics that mentions Joe Ochoa's proposal to freeze property taxes on the elderly and disabled.

New Website

Valley in Exile wrote about ownership of the gambling joints recently shut down in the RGV. There appear to be ties between them and public officials, although nothing solid has come out. Valley in Exile has comments on the post by somebody who claims to know more, but the reliability is debatable.
Don't believe a word
I wrote about some comments made recently by our U.S. Congressmen against the president's budget. Without boring you about the details, they criticize the prez about his non-existent cuts in medicare, the shutting down of programs that don't produce results, and other financial stuff. There are link to official sources of the information so that you can find out the truth for yourself.

Wornick Co. to Leave McAllen
McAllen is expected to lose about 270 jobs as a result of Wornick's move to Cincinatti. For now, it's just a blurb. A fuller story will be in tomorrow's Monitor.

Valley High Schools Honored by College Board
The College Board's Advanced Placement Report to the Nation 2006 indicates Edinburg North, Roma, Valley View and La Joya high schools had Advanced Placement students excel nationally in some of the testing categories during the 2004-2005 academic year.

Thinking of changing the format a little bit. Going over many news items takes too much time to put together on top of putting together the audio. I think I'll try hitting two or three topics per show. If that's a lot of work, I may cut back to two podcasts per week. We'll see how that goes. It may be easier to blog on topics and then podcast the topics and the comments with each.

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Anonymous said...

Arturo Guajardo and Rick Rodriguez losers? Who posted that? These are fine educated guys with a long track record of service. What do you recommend anomymous? 3 ex cons? a tax evader? a legal rookie with even shaddier support? Dude! Read the paper!


Anonymous said...

I don't need the paper!

An ex-con is for a felony, pendejo!
That's probably why you would support idiots like Arthur, and Ricky. I'll cut Rick some slack, but Arthur sucks! We can do better than him. You know that the only reason he came out with a clean record is that his daddy has always been their to clean his shit up! Ask around, and you'll find out all this guy has really done.

Did you hear him at the Young Salinas' function? Who the hell does this guy think he is? You don't talk to your would-be constituants like that! He and his family's itimidation might have worked in San Juan, but it won't work for the county. When he loses, and his daddy gets popped, we'll see better days.

Writer said...

hey, montxu, welcome back.

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