Thursday, February 02, 2006

RGV Life Podcast 2-2-06

Judge issues default judgment against Guerrero
A judge granted a judgement in favor of First National Bank for a $17,000 loan plus interest and attorney fees after Omar Guerrero, Hidalgo County District Clerk failed to appear at his hearing. According to the article, Channel 5 tried contacting Guerrero at work, but he was not there. Duh! He's the District Clerk. Somebody at work would have tipped him off to a hearing if he were there. Guerrero is still facing charges for DUI and drug possession.

Cameron County rules for employees
Cameron County, which is in direct competition with Hidalgo County for corruption scandals, is taking steps to make clear to employees how they should conduct themselves. This is along the lines of my belief that our local governments are becoming more and more professional over time.

Former Mission city employee denied bond
The first corrupt official of the year, Alberto Hugo Pena was denied bond. He and another person were storing 200 pounds of cocaine.

Santa Rosa police employees indicted
Police Chief Xavier Martinez and Lt. Juan Manuel Censes, Jr. on charges of "official oppression", whatever that means.

Harlingen City Commissioner license suspended
It's hard to believe that so many things like this happen so frequently in the RGV with government officials.

Jessica Martinez will run, after all
She says that Juan Maldonado is a lie-yer. If he did lie to her, he cost the county about $30k to have the ballots reprinted. It would have been really simple to call her up and ask her to complete the application. Rico Politico has a funny post.

Not long after that last paragraph, I got an update that Jessica decided not to run. Instead she will focus on her personal life. She did visit with Juan Maldonado.

Tax Commission Getting Closer to Recommendations
Aaron Pena points out the following:

The panel, made up of state business leaders, hopes to make its recommendations in March. We legislators are expecting to be called back for at least a 30-day special session in April. April Castro over at the Associated Press reports that the commission is getting closer to its recommendations.

Sorry, Aaron, it's going to sting a little. We elect our Reps to handle these kinds of things. It's disappointing that business leaders have to come in and put this together for our state government. This goes equally for Republicans. It's fashionable to criticize business people as greedy and always out to make a buck. We should look at the other side, successful business people are successful because they know how to get things done, and they are. There is a saying, "mejor un mal arreglo que un buen pleito". It's better to have a bad agreement than a good fight.

Speaking to the issue, expanding taxable activities is better as it creates new revenue streams. Property tax is a problem because it's a fixed cashflow. Dealing with sales taxes is much better because a good year of sales in Texas can give the state more money than anticipated. It then shifts the concern from finding new taxes to promoting business activity in the state to generate more income. I agree that business does need to support having an educated workforce. Income tax is a big no-no.

The Rep reports that JD Salinas's father passed away last night after a long fight with cancer.

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Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! Does this mean I'm not going to see the $20 I loaned Omar?

Anonymous said...

JD Salinas' father passed away last night after a bitter struggle with cancer. My sympaties are with you. You continued to campaing despite your father's illness, modestly, without taking advantage of the situation! Shows your character and that you really are committed to be here for us fulltime!

Anonymous said...

Laura's volunteer's block walked my house yesterday. Rick's web site is looking good:

Two candidates that appear to have all the momentum behind them. Anybody like anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I second my condolonces to the Salinas family; now JD if you can just shed the added baggage of Ricardo Rodriguez and Arturo Guajardo, you may just get to where you want to go. Unload those losers and their shady supporters and youll earn my vote.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked at the amount of campaign material at JD's dad's funeral!!

There was no modesty, and YOU SHOULD have taken a break from campaigning! Shame on you for the lack of respect that you showed your own father!!

But that's not why you won't get my vote. Yes, you do hang out with losers like Guajardo and Rodriguez. But I don't really see anything wrong with the county right now. And the fact that the commissioners that supported Mr. Garcia 4 years ago now support you really bugs me. To me, it seems like you have something up your sleeve.

Anonymous said...

Hey, leave Omar alone.

The only reason that this made the news was that the loan was from FNB. And they have been JD's biggest supporter.

Laura Hinojosa, of course, prostituted her integrity by joining this shameful cast of characters that is considered JD's slate. Or are they Palacios'?

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