Saturday, January 28, 2006 Sheehan for Senate?

This is the problem the Democratic party is facing today, people like Cindy Sheehan. In my opinion, when our current baby boomers were younger, they discovered that if they cry bloody murder about a cause, people will give in to their demands just to make them shut up. Since the sixties, the playbook hasn't changed much. I see it happen over and over again. The baby boomers aren't the ones doing it anymore, now the baby boomers are the ones in power. But there are Cindy Sheehans, pro-abortionists, environmentalists, anti-free traders, and other whacked out groups on the left all screaming bloody murder for their pet causes. It's an old play, but it draws press.

On the right, all you can possibly label as extreme is the "religious right" whenever a whack job decides to blow up abortion clinics. There is no "cut tax right", small government right, kill the forests right, kill the minorities right, or sell America out right. There is just the right and the religious right. There is some solidarity amongst the constituency.

On the left, on the other hand (the left one perhaps?), each one of the extreme groups wants the limelight for their own cause. The Democratic party is not a united party of like-minded people. It's a union of somewhat-along-the-same-lines minded people. I'll say this very clearly. The only thing holding the Democrats together is that they are against Republicans and George W. Bush in particular.

The best way I would characterize the party is this. Republicans stand for tradition, personal responsibility, a strong country, and just being left alone. Democrats are the complete antithesis. Tradition is bad. If it's traditional, it's no good; it's homophobic, anachronistic, bigoted, oppressive, and evil. You are not responsible for what you do, it's society's fault. We should not impose our values upon others; it's ok if they live in dictatorships that rape women, kill with the slightest provocation, starve their people, oppress freedom of expression, and many other atrocities because it's their culture. Furthermore, it's Government's job to interfere with your life as much as possible. Those are your values if you are anti-Republican.

There is salvation for you Dems, however. All you have to do is stand for something other than Anti-Republican. Give us a reason to vote for you and maybe we'll vote for you. Don't make out the Republicans to be evil incarnate; you don't believe in God so why believe in Evil? You can't run your lives by being anti-republican. Dems are going too far left and still tilting. I think, the best thing for the Republicans at this time would be for Cindy Sheehan to be elected. She is so, so out of touch with the majority of Americans and stands for nothing except being anti-George W. Bush, that she would drive people right in droves. She is the epitome of where the Dem party is headed, a conglomeration of single-issue campaigners.

We know we can count on Cindy, on behalf of all Democrats, to vote against military appropriations, military excursions, intelligence, and anything that might get anybody killed. If she gets voted in, she'll have Democrat written all over her. Do Dems really want to have our military, who are giving their time, effort, and even their lives to defend the country against them? This is not Vietnam. There is no draft. Those people over there volunteered, many of them more than once. Furthermore, these soldiers have families who will remember this.

Being that I am conservative, let me encourage you to get Cindy Sheehans elected into office. These radicals are a blessing for the Republican Party. She most of all will keep the issue alive in the eyes of voters. If Dems had just kept quiet about the war effort, Americans would have forgotten about 9/11 and lost interest. However, by raising question after question about the effort, it keeps the issue alive. This is exactly what George W. Bush needs.

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