Sunday, January 22, 2006

Day at the Park

I made a short movie for my kids from pictures I took when we went to the Sonic playground in McAllen. I'm talking like Jacques Cousteau because Magnus is 4 years old and I want him to follow the story. This is my first movie. It took 10 minutes to make.


Unknown said...

Shaine, that was really cool. Can you do that on audioblogger? Fill me in, I really like the feature.

Writer said...

Thanks. Audioblogger only does audio. You have to subscribe to, another service. They let you call in your blog entry, you can record it over the web, or you can upload a sound file from your recorder and then post it.

With video, I made it using Windows Video Maker. Then I uploaded the video to and posted it here. You can also record video over the web.

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