Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Accusation that Doesn't Stick

Arturo Guajardo Jr. is said to be campaigning on county time by two of his rivals, Andrew Pérez and Joseph Campos. At the heart of the matter is that his website and push card have some similarities. Guajardo explains that the site came up first and he simply used some of that to make his push card.

This doesn't sound serious. Andrew Pérez and Joseph Campos should have damning evidence when they allege this sort of thing. Show us some video or pics. Otherwise, it's petty.


Anonymous said...

It seems that Perez and Campos know
that they are falling behind. I heard that Campos is even having a hard time convincing the delta area that he is the man for the job. Jr. however, has a solid base int he PCT 2 area.

Anonymous said...,PAGE 02, ITEM 11 - Is a thinly veiled attempt by the Judge's office to politic against Arturo Guajardo on the same baseless accusations as before. Is he to believe we are stupid? His staff engages in this behaviour on a daily basis. Do you think no one notices?

Writer said...

I looked at it:

11. County Judge’s Office – Lorie Ochoa:
A. Approval of proclamation proclaiming January 2006 as School Board Recognition Month
for all Hidalgo County School Districts
B. Discussion, consideration and action regarding contents of the following website
C. Discussion, consideration and action regarding adding county policy for exempt employees
who run for public office
D. Discussion, consideration and action regarding county employees who campaign during
office hours
E. Discussion, consideration and action regarding possible suspension without pay or
termination for a county employee who is campaigning during county hours

I don't get it.

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