Saturday, January 28, 2006

Another Brick in The Wall

Another Brick in The Wall: After reading this... I don't know.

I'm going to tear into the Republicans on this one a little. It's admirable that you want to build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants. I agree that we should keep people from coming into the country illegally. If building a wall will slow them down, that's great. I do have to say that keeping people out for the sake of keeping them from "taking American jobs" is wrongheaded. In the years I spent working in the fields as a kid, both here, Indiana, west Texas, and Wisconsin, I never, ever saw a white person or a black person working beside us. We were all Mexicans or other than Mexicans. I can say this with some authority because we would work the fields from sun-up to sun-down every summer. The only "Americans" we saw were the farmers and their sons.

It ticks me off when Republicans complain about Mexicans taking American jobs. Shut the... up. We do need these immigrants to do these jobs because I'm not out there doing it anymore. It's hard work! I agree with George W's idea of a worker visa and a possible track to citizenship. We need this program for two reasons. The first is that the guest workers would do the jobs that need doing but many of us Americans consider beneath us. The second is because of the baby boom bomb that's about to hit Social Security. We are going to have 40 million baby boomers retire at about the same time. ERISA requires that they cash out their retirement plans and they will receive social security benefits. Add to that, they will be old and will qualify for the new Medicare drug coverage. What makes politicians (including you, Republicans) think that I will want to have my taxes raised to pay for this? No way. We need immigrants to work and pay taxes. The wall along the border could stop them, sure. But, it would also hit our economy below the belt. Can you say huevos on the Internet? Well, I guess I just did. We need workers, we need the tax base.

Republicans need to get their act together on this one because I'm not going to stick around otherwise. London, baby! My family and I are going to the second most free country in the world, England if a guest worker program is not implemented. We'll be back after the baby boomers die off.

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