Monday, January 30, 2006

Drugs, Alito, and the Circus

Zeta drug dealer caught in Hidalgo. Whatever punishment he gets will be nothing compared to ratting out his gang. The problem of drugs, I think, is different from the problem with illegal immigration. A wall would not stop drugs, as pointed out by Scott Henson. It would curtail illegal immigration. Drug dealers won't smuggle people through their tunnels unless they're "cool". Nobody wants somebody getting deported to snitch on the tunnel's location. Immigrants don't have the time or money to tunnel. Drug dealers have both.

Samuel Alito was confirmed. Yay! Victoria Kos is freaking out; it's the end of the world for her. Hispanic Pundit has a point in stating that judges should not be for or against an agenda.

Even the circus is scamming us. What is the world coming to?

It's a pretty slow news day.

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Gritsforbreakfast said...

On a wall and immigration, the Arizona governor recently said, "Show me a 50 foot wall, and I'll show you a 51 foot ladder." I don't think it will help with drugs OR immigration past the short term. Best,

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