Thursday, January 19, 2006

Osama is back

According to the tape just released about a half hour ago, Osama bin Laden is threatening the U.S. again. He claims that we have not been attacked because Al Quaeda has been making preparations, not because of our heightened security. The tape comes out on the heels of our recent strike that killed some of his top people. The tape is said to be dated in December.

In the tape, Osama offers a truce so that he can rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan, in his image, of course. He also criticizes Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the head of operations in Iraq, as going too far by attacking civilians. This could be a wedge that can be used to destabilize Al Qaeda.

Al Jazeera recently ran an article in which they believed that bin Laden may have died in April.

The tape, if authentic, would be definite proof that bin Laden is still alive and still a threat to the United States.

It will be interesting to watch how national Dems spin this. On the one hand, George Bush is accused of going too far in fighting the terrorist threat. He has run into obstacles from the left at every turn. If Osama's threat to attack the U.S. is carried out, the President will then be accused of not having done enough. This is the danger that the national Democratic party faces by being so anti-war. By deterring the President in everything, they are lending a hand to the enemy. If something DOES happen and it could have been prevented with something they quashed, be prepared for some backlash. In these days of video archives and electronic media, we have easily accessible records of who did what in Congress. Adding to that, elections are coming up. Will we see some back pedaling? Will we see some calls for backing down and appeasement? This close to elections, it will be tough to pull a John Kerry (being for something before being against it), especially after the recent Republican stunt of getting votes on record in calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Prepare to be clubbed over the head with congressional voting records. Imagine trying to explain yourself as believing something, but voting the opposite.

It's good for Republicans that Osama has made the tape. This reminds Americans that there still is a threat out there. Suddenly cries that we have lost too many troops and that we are in the wrong war fall on deaf ears. Nobody with any sense wants to sit back and wait to be attacked. It's not American. In this country, we do things. We get things done. It's our heritage. It's our culture. Telling us that we are losing is telling us that we are weak and incapable of spreading freedom. National Dems, just watch us do it.

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