Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Campaign Post

Today, after work, I went over to the Laura Hinojosa's campaign HQ. I broke out my official campaign T-shirt today. Our job today was to go out and put up 4 x 8 signs in McAllen. Laura knocked on doors and asked permission for us to put up signs. Another volunteer, Michael, and I nailed those babies up on people's fences. We put up a few up through 6th St.

It was interesting to watch Laura ask for permission. Some people were suprised and impressed that she would ask for permission personally. At one point, she came across some family friends who offered us two locations for the signs. There are some locations where we would like to put up signs, but nobody was home. We'll revisit those later. Afterwards, we went back to the office and I got to chat a little with Sally and Michael about working on campaigns. I realize that campaigning and the politics after the election are probably very different creatures. For now, at least I'm doing something. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon to put up more signs.

To help make things easier for us, if you have a good, high traffic spot that you would like to volunteer for a sign, call the Laura Hinjosa Campaign Headquarters at 213-1012. We have both 4 x 8 signs and lawn signs. It would really help us win the Hidalgo County District Clerk's office. Everybody here would really appreciate it.

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