Monday, January 16, 2006

Fighting The Man

After writing the last post, it occurs to me that we really don't have true activists anymore. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an activist. Hugo Chavez was an activist. Malcolm X was a militant activist. Ghandi was an activist.

In contrast, Jesse Jackson, the people pushing for the class action lawsuit, PETA, the environmental wackos, worker unions, and a host of other organizations are activist wannabees.

What distinguishes the former from the latter is that the true activists sought to promote ideals for the betterment of all mankind. MLK peacefully brought attention to the injustice of the segregated south. He never thought that reciprocal violence was a solution. Ditto for Ghandi. Malcolm X actually did think violence was cool, but he mellowed out as he got older and changed his position. Hugo Chavez, I don't know. Unions actually did a lot of good when they first started. They all effectively brought attention to the plight of the oppressed. They made The Man see that what was happening was wrong. Not by demonizing. Not by name-calling. Not by outright lying about The Man. In their triumphs, these activists actually elevated the oppressors as much as the oppressed.

The current crop of activists like Jesse Jackson, et al. They don't elevate anybody. They make themselves more important by putting others down. Jackson is a master shakedown artist. If he spots something slightly racist, or if it can be spun as such, he's there to ask for money in order to avoid a public protest. The environmentalists are the same. Rather than helping us make better choices for the environment, they demonize us for driving big vehicles. They belittle us if we don't have the time to recycle. PETA wackos equate us with animals. Unions are no longer satisfied with a safe workplace and an 8 hour day. They demand higher pay and less work. In my experience, the more I work the more I earn. Pro-choice is actually pro-abortion. If it was pro-choice, why hate us for choosing life? There are so many examples of the modern day activist falling short of the great ones of the past. Their words ring hollow.

You know what has happened? The activists of yesteryear fighting The Man are now The Other Man. So, when they try the same tactics of their youth, their protests sound hollow. There is no moral backing. Environmentalists say that our country is one of the biggest polluters. Have they been to Reynosa? The Rio Grande Valley is pristine in comparison. Pro-abortionists, who by the way try to hide this by calling themselves pro-choice, hate us for defending life. What is so evil about defending life? Racism is not such a big deal anymore, at least by old whitey. Now there is reverse racism. Minorities think that because whites of the past were racist that they are entitled to discriminate against the whites of today. Isn't that just as wrong?

What is really sad about modern "activists" is that they have things down to a science. It's a business. While I studied UT-Austin, the Texas liberal mecca, I worked with U.S. PIRG (Public Interest Research Group) in cooperation with the Sierra Club. I made more money for them when I dressed as a poor Mexican trying to make a difference than when I dressed up in nice clothes, very like The Man. The campaign was basically to sign up as many people into the Sierra Club as possible to help save the spotted owl in the Pacific Northwest. "With more members, the Sierra Club has more clout when speaking to congressional representatives." We cut the turf in Austin. We knew where all the Republicans lived and targeted the Democrats as the most likely donors/new members. We knew how to push buttons. All we had to do was say that a certain Republican Texas Senator was doing such and such and people would run for their checkbooks.

It's all a scam. Modern liberal causes are cleverly disguised tax-exempt businesses that pay big salaries to the leaders of the organizations in return for "being represented" through lobbyists. These organizations do hire lobbyists to keep up the farce. To rag equally, there are some ministers who are equally good at scamming church members for a good living. The point is, modern activism all comes down to money. With money you can buy signs and posters. With money you can hire a lobbyist. With money you can buy commercials. With money you can support a candidate. Doesn't this sound like the corporations that represent The Man? After all, these organizations always put the message "Paid for by Whatever Organization". That's what I'm saying, modern causes are run by The Other Man.

There is no longer the moral message of years past. It's all business. Modern activists no longer seek to actually help anybody directly. They mostly focus on legal action and government influence. The seek press. They tell us we are polluters. We are haters. We are killers. We are selfish. We are greedy. We are wasteful. Modern activists want our money, or some sponsor's money (hello, George Soros) at the same time they tell us we are the spawn of Satan. Sadly, you see these people in Congress. They still think that they are fighting The Man, who is currently epitomized by George W. Bush. They don't realize that they are The Other Man. At least GW is not in denial about who he is. If modern activists really cared about people, they would elevate both the oppressed and the oppressor. Instead, they seek to oppress the opposition. Not cool, man. Nice try. The Other Man does not fool me, my brothers and sisters.

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