Sunday, January 01, 2006

Blogs of interest

I'm on my way out and don't want to fool around editing my blog template, so I want to mention a couple of blogs I found. The first is, which the author makes his mission to get politicians to blog. The next one is by a former resident of the RGV who lives in San Antonio. He writes his perspective of the Rio Grande Valley from a distance.

I will probably edit this blog's template to give me more room on the page for print. I'll spend some time relearning css. This should help you avoid having to scroll down the page to infinity when I have long posts, which I have more frequently.

While I'm posting, I'm going to use my non-existent and negligable influence to get other news and info about the Rio Grande Valley out to you. I came to realize recently that I am a writer. Writing is not something that I set out to do; yet, I do it. I don't really consider myself a writer, reporter, or columnist because I am none of those. I just think and write a lot. So, in 2006, I'll try to bring a new mindset to the blog.

Oh, and I'm looking for work. I have two jobs, currently. I just want something more challenging and/or interesting. Pay isn't my main motivator, so if you are in the position, make an offer.

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