Thursday, January 05, 2006

RGV Political Grapevine

Last we heard, officially, Jessica Reyes-Martinez, wife of Rep. Mando Martinez, was in the race against her husband for his seat. I heard it mentioned, today, that Juan Maldonado, Hidalgo County Party Chairman, took her off the primary ballot. Earlier, he had taken her off, then reversed his decision by keeping her on. Will he change his mind again? Hopefully not. The race between those two threatened to eclipse the messages of other races. Now after reversing his decision to take her off, then back on, and off again, Maldonado has made it an even bigger deal. The press would have great fun with the story. As it is, blog searches for Hidalgo County turn up story after story about the race.

I thought this post was funny. I would agree that Sen. Joe Lieberman is not the most liberal of Democrats, but to include a couple of our Texas reps? I bet this has to do with CAFTA. Our region depends on import/export, which CAFTA facilitates. Besides, I have more respect for Reps who don't vote purely on party line. I respect officials who vote according to what is good for their districts over what their party desires. Here is some more complaining.

The Rio Grande Guardian is reporting that Republican Eddie Zamora, a 43-year-old salesman from Edcouch admits to going to prison after threatening his wife with a gun. Zamora is running against incumbent Ruben Hinojosa for Congressional District 15. He claims to have become a better person since that time. My question is, what were the Republicans thinking? Perhaps they want to buck the trend we have in the Rio Grande Valley of sending our politicians to jail. Republicans apparently want to reverse it and bring them into office from jail. Sheesh.

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