Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Business Law Class

Yesterday, I met my professor for Business Law at UTPA. He is a practicing attorney who likes teaching as a hobby. It was an interesting class. We did not go into any heavy duty arguments. Mostly, we reviewed the syllabus and he prepared us for what is to come. One thing that struck a chord with me is that he brought a list of laws that are, to put it mildly, stupid. He suggested that as an attorney, he often has to work with the laws on the books whether he agrees with them or not. His point was, our governments sometimes pass laws that are really dumb. They stay on the books because nobody bothers to repeal them until somebody gets arrested for that crime.

Another major point in class was that in business, you always have to be careful because you run the chance of being sued, or may be in a situation in which you have to sue somebody. It is for this reason that business schools require that students take a course in business law. This is a risk you take when you are in business. We'll be discussing tort law, criminal law, real property, and all manner of business related legal stuff. I'm new at the subject, but it seems we are going to be discussing many things. I like classes where we can argue.

As another point of interest, he mentioned that he has turned the occasional business major into an attorney after taking that class. I gave it some thought. My ultimate goal is to be self-employed in some fashion. I guess being a lawyer wouldn't be so bad. I'd set my own work hours, charge a gazillion bucks an hour, and live OK. I'll think about it during the semester. I used to want to be a physician, but I changed my mind after thinking about how doctors work many hours, have messed up schedules, and then have to deal with lawyers suing them all the time. I'd always be working. As an attorney, there wouldn't be many "emergency" contracts or other business to do in the middle of the night. I'll know by the end of the semester. I am still on a quest to find my "calling in life". Maybe I'm just destined to write crap on the web.

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