Saturday, January 21, 2006

Eddie Zamora Website

I just had an anonymous submission for Eddie Zamora's website. Zamora is running for District 15 Representative against incumbent, Ruben Hinojosa, and another challenger Paul Haring. I visited the site, of course, and it is a blog. Here is some information that I garnered from Zamora's site:

-Grew up in Hebbronville, Port Lavaca and Austin, TX
-Graduated from David Crockett High School in Austin, TX
-Served in the U.S. Navy for six years
-Graduated from Southwest School of Electronics
-Graduated from U.S.Navy Electronics Technician "A" School
-Graduated from Naval Nuclear Power School
-Graduated from S1C Navy Nuclear Prototype Training Unit
-Certified Welder from Piedmont Community College
-Licensed and Ordained Minister in full fellowship with Abundant Grace Community Church
-Leader and teacher -singles' bible study group
-Studiously followed politics on the national level for over 20 years

Some more info about Zamora

-Pro Life -choose life every chance you can
-Defines marriage to be between one man and one woman
-Lower taxes -the people know how to spend their own money better than the government
-Curb deficit spending -we need fiscally responsible people in Washington to limit spending of the peoples' money
-Support our Troops -our men and women in uniform are the greatest of Americans and deserve our respect and support
-Vigilant Human Intelligence -no more walls of separation between intelligence agencies
-Maintain Social Security while looking for ways to improve
-Education for our children, not Indoctination -The U.S. Constitution should be required reading for all high school graduates
-Rugged individualism -you have the primary responsibility to affect your outcome, not the government

It seems the blog just started earlier this month. Hopefully, Eddie Zamora will post more updates about his activities, appearances, and more about his stances on issues. I congratulate Zamora on joining the blogging community.


Anonymous said...

Does he mention his stint in the "pen"? The newspaper reported that he ended up there after pulling a gun out on his ex-wife. He does talk pretty openly about the way he learned how to read while incarcerated, he continued his "education" while awaiting his 6 years to pass...oh, and he lifted weights while he was there too... I wonder if he developed some life-long friendships? If so, I'm sure they're sorry (as is he) because felons can't vote. Being a convicted felon himself, I still don't understand how he can run for office, but I guess it's all part of RGV politics.

Writer said...

Actually, he does. He goes into detail at his blog. It's the very first entry he makes.

Anonymous said...

His canidacy seems like a joke thats been taken either too far or too seriously.

Anonymous said...

Paul Haring also has a web site too. Apparently his only qualification for office is his opposition to abortion. Still being the only canidate in the primary w/o a felony conviction should make it easy.

Hector said...

Shaine, in regards to "anonymous", felons CAN vote. It's in the Texas Voter Registration Application. It states you "must affirm that you have not been convicted of a felony or IF A FELON have completed all of punishment, supervision, period of probation, or have been pardoned". As for whether or not Eddie Zamora can run for Congress, I'm sure he did his homework and isn't about to waste his time or money running for elected office.

Writer said...

Thanks Hector. I'll remember that from now on.

Thanks anonymous for sharing Haring's website. I'll add it to the sidebar.

Unknown said...

Zamora is runnig for office as a Representative from District 15 in the RGV. Wonder if he could vote if he were to be elected?

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