Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Volunteer Blog

Tomorrow, I am going to make my first visit to Laura Hinojosa's campaign headquarters. I understand that there will be a lot of work coming up, so I want to be there. I did get to speak with Laura a while, but it was just too loud to hold a conversation. Plus, I met a couple of her campaign workers who follow this blog. It was great to meet somebody who reads my stuff besides Aaron Peña. We exchanged information and I'll be out there tomorrow to see what I can do to help. Just a reminder, I'll focus on my experience as a volunteer when I write.

The last campaign I worked was in Jr. High School, when I worked for Michael Dukakis for President in McAllen. I was dumb back then. My work then was making calls, making signs, and other odd jobs. I even got to see Carrie Fisher. My talents have grown since then, so I hope I am able to give more to Laura's bid for Hidalgo County District Clerk than I did for Dukakis. The objective of this experience is to inspire others to go out and volunteer for a candidate or participate in the electoral process in some way.

We have troops securing the rights of Iraqi's to conduct a freely elected government. For the people over there, voting means the difference between a bright future and a repeat of their bleak and recent past under a brutal dictator. We have freedom. Our republic, our state, our county, and our city will only work if we, the citizens, participate in our electoral process. Working a campaign is not free labor, it's free speech! So go out and help spread the message you support.

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