Tuesday, January 31, 2006

News for 1/31/06

RGV Life 1/31/06
Dell sending 5000 jobs to India. It's not suprising. Probably some people are bemoaning the loss of jobs in the U.S. Simple Economics, India has a competitive advantage to the U.S. They have highly skilled people who work for less. I saw the direction of Tech when I majored in Computer Science and CIS. There are jobs out there, but they are few and don't pay as much as they once did. STC, UTPA, and other colleges are churning out techs. That's why I decided to change to a business degree.

I started using show notes to keep discussion on track. Visit http://slmpublic.schtuff.com to see where I prepare for my podcast and blog entry. Wikis are pretty helpful for keeping track of and organizing information. I would recommend one to anybody interested in a simple to run website.

The Courtesy Bandit has been caught. This guy would go to motels and convenience stores and hold them up with a knife. The whole time, he was polite to the victim saying please and thank you.

Correta Scott King, RIP, died at age 78. I honestly don't know much about her other than a potrayal of her in a movie about Martin Luther King, Jr. No doubt she was influential in promoting equal rights to honor the legacy of Dr. King.

Good-bye to Alan Greenspan. He's been working since 1987. Only Fed Chairman I remember since the economy started interesting me. Raised interest rates today, but that's OK. He is replaced by Ben Bernanke. I don't know who this guy is, so I'll need to read up on him.

GW is prepping for 5th State of the Union Address. I don't want to even begin to guess what issues he will address. I'll just wait and see. I hope he scolds Republicans for trying to outspend the Dems.

Judge Samuel Alito has been sworn into his seat on the U.S. Supreme Court today. He is replacing Sandra Day O'Connor, who is known to have been the swing voter on the court. Alito and the previously confirmed John Roberts should put some stability on the bench. Both men are relatively young, so we have many years of service to expect. The more liberal justices will probably hang in there until George W. Bush leaves office, assuming another Republican does not win the presidency at the next election.
Hispanic Pundit
wishes him a long life.
Dos Centavos is worried. It's as though Sam Alito is going to waive his gavel and our lives will be changed overnight. You libs have to chill.

Sad news from Scott Henson at Grits for Breakfast. His dog Bud died. I'm sorry to hear that. It's always sad to lose a family member.

Valley Politics has posted information about the candidates for HD 38. The candidates are David Gonzalez, Eddie Lucio III, Alfredo Montano, and Arnie Olivarez. I too am not voting in that district. I'm guessing Lucio3 will win easily.

Jessica Reyes-Martinez may be on the ballot against Mando Martinez for District 39 after all. She was disqualified by Dem. Chairman Juan Maldonado when she failed to fill in her address completely in her application. She has not been green-lighted, but a Texas Supreme Court ruling put two Republican candidates on the ballot for the Court of Criminal Appeals on Monday despite what are called "questionable voter signatures". The stated reason for the decision is that the errors could be easily corrected, which is also the case of Reyes-Martinez. She is running out of time before the primary on March 7.

The Rio Grande Valley Veterans Alliance gained another 300 members seeking health benefits in the Rio Grande Valley at an awareness fair this weekend. The effort is geared to raising the awareness of Congress of the need for a Veteran's Hospital in the Valley. They are also shooting for 250,000 signatures of people supporting the movement. So far, 13,000 veterans have signed up for benefits. All vets are encouraged to apply even if they may not qualify.
For those that missed the last enrollment fair, another is scheduled for March and will continue every other month. To enroll, veterans are also encouraged to visit the Hidalgo County Veterans Service office, 100 E. Cano in Edinburg, or to call (956)
My dad is veteran who recently needed help from the VA and had to travel to San Antonio.

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