Monday, January 30, 2006

Multiple Items

I've decided to not moderate comments. I had originally moderated them because I kept getting comment spam. I've set up notifications for when somebody comments, which should make it easier to delete spam.

I'm still messing around with iTunes. It's not a great since I don't have an iPod. There are some good podcasts available. Last night, I found that Chris Bell has a podcast.

This morning's news has info about McAllen Mayor Richard Cortez's new project to build a mini central park in downtown McAllen.

Efforts to get County Clerk candidate Arturo Guajardo, Jr. in trouble for campaigning on the job have proved fruitless.

Finally, the Rio Grande Valley county Health Departments are facing a lack of funding to fight Tuberculosis. The lack of money is exacerbated by the presence of multiple drug resistant strains of TB that cost more to treat. This is a public danger that can slowly creep up on us. Read more about it here.

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