Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Campaign Post

Today was my first day volunteering at the Laura Hinojosa campaign headquarters. I started off doing errands, which is cool. I do that already at work, so this was not a stretch. I thought to myself, this is cool.

Next, I did a little bit of data entry. I used to do data entry at Cantu Lease, Inc., an oilfield services company that has been acquired by another company. So, this was up my alley too.

Next, I made some lawn signs. I figured out how to insert the wire frame into the sleeve and pop it into place. I got 100 signs done in about 30 minutes. I'd never done that before, but it was fun.

I had lunch with the team. That was a good barbecue chicken sandwich. We chatted a little and I learned more about the motivation and the reason for the campaign. It's possible that Laura may set up a blog. I was explaining the value of using a blog, which is to communicate directly to the public. That's still tentative, but imagine the implications if she does go with it. She could communicate what are some issues facing the county, when she gets the job, obviously. She could share her plans to overcome the problems and announce her successes. Most importantly, she can interact with the public through their blog comments. I think all public officials should take to the web and start blogging. It can only serve to bring voters closer to the office holders. Then, the public can have a relationship with the official. Those were my two cents on that.

Tomorrow, we will be going around setting up 4 X 8 signs in people's yards. I happen to drive a truck, so my volunteering came at an opportune time. Gonna have to clean up the truck a little, don't want the candidate to ride around in a messy pickup. Another item of interest, you may see her at the Texas Citrus Fiesta in Mission, TX. Nothing definite. It's common to see candidates at the Citrus Fiesta. I'm from Mission, so I've seen plenty of candidates and officials in the parade. I'm looking forward to planting signs in people's yards tomorrow afternoon.

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