Thursday, January 26, 2006

More than just simple peasants

Today's Monitor has a story about 5 Mara Salvatrucha gang members being caught crossing the river in the past 4 days. Here is a quote that you should know:
All of those arrested in the Valley sector were from El Salvador and had
criminal histories in the United States, including attempted murder...

It's not really the Mexicans looking for jobs we ought to worry about, it's the threat to national security. This comes on the heels of a recent story about drug smugglers wearing camo crossing the border in SUVs loaded with drugs.

I sympathize with our Mexican brethren who are seeking a better life where there is opportunity and less corruption (that means here in the U.S.). However, we need to secure this country from the likes of MS-13 (and 18) and terror threats. If Dems really want to clobber the Republicans with their own dropped ball, they would take up the issue of securing the border. This issue, however seems to be one of those third rails in politics that everybody is afraid to touch because of the increasing size of the hispanic population.

I hate to point this out, but hispanics run countries like Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, El Salvador, and Colombia. All countries being evacuated by the illegal crossers. We can't afford to let the U.S. mirror them. Instead, we ought to try to get them to mirror us. Where is your pride in being American? Why is everybody so ashamed of being U.S. citizens? This is our home and we need to take the necessary measures to protect it and our culture.

Just so you don't think I'm all criticism and no solutions, I heard a great idea on the Laura Ingraham show recently. A caller suggested that national guard and reserve units spend their two weeks a year guarding the borders instead of camping. All the military would have to do is rotate the schedule a little. This way, the national guard and reserves would get practical use of their two weeks of training. We spend money on the training anyway, so it wouldn't take any major expenditures by the government. Heck, we could even get the Feds to reimburse the states for services rendered. That could save the state some money. If anything, let's just seal off the Republic of Texas border with Mexico. Let the Feds figure out which is a hole in the ground and which is... something else.

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