Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Quick Entry

I only have a few minutes before my BLAW class. I just finished chatting with Corrie MacLaggan from the Austin-American Statesman. I asked her to join me over at the Laura Hinojosa campaign office because Sally and Michael are more involved in politics than I am. We had a good chat, the four of us. We covered a good range of political topics. I think it's strange that my opinion on issues has any value to other bloggers. I freaked out when The Rep linked to my blog. Later, I started to see links from other blogs to mine. Then, I started seeing my entries quoted in other blogs. And now, it's wierding me out that a reporter would want to chat politics with me. It's one of those things I never would have expected. I'm amazed that I get comments. Who would have thought?

How do you other bloggers do it? Are you seat of the pants, opinionated people like myself, or do you actually make blogging a job. Do you have other jobs like me? How old are you? Do you appreciate when your blog gets attention?

Well, I appreciate everybody who stops by to read RGV Life. I hope that I can continue to give you interesting news and opinions. Thanks a bunch.


Anonymous said...

So what about Laura?

Writer said...

She had other engagements. The reporter could have just set up an appointment with Laura if she had wanted. But, whe was specifically looking for young politically active latinos. I'm not young, but I know a couple people who still are, so I introduced.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how you don't choose to be a lider, other people choose you. The fact that you are consistent, fair and willing to express yourself freely have made your blog something of a mandatory stop in the intimidating world of South Texas Politics. Actually, these blogging skills are marketable. This blog reflects the quality of your person.


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