Saturday, April 22, 2006

You thought I was kidding

I know you all think I'm kidding when I write that we are not in the U.S.A., and that this is the Republic of Texmico. I have proof of my assertion that the United States starts at Falfurrias. Have you noticed that the Minutman (minutemen?) group that is out helping the Border Patrol find illegal aliens is working out in the farms around the checkpoints? Well, have you? If the true border were in the Rio Grande Valley, these guys would be hanging out on the Rio Grande and not at ranches north of here. This is why we don't get any respect from Austin or Washington. They don't consider us part of the country.

Texas was a buffer for Mexico to keep out the gringos from the silver mines in the Mexican interior. It kept them out of the silver mines, but they took Texas. As part of the U.S.A., the RGV is basically a buffer to keep out mojados. It slows them down, but the mojados run the place. The valley is like Puerto Rico. We're a commonwealth. We can vote, we get benefits, we get taxed, and once in a while they throw us a pork barrel bone. But, this isn't the U.S. And we're not Mexico either. Just ask el Presidente.

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