Friday, April 21, 2006

What do you do with them?

In my Biz Law class on Tuesday, we touched on a topic that has stuck in my mind. I think we were talking about torts and we got off topic and started talking abouth the "loquitos" in our towns.

One story was about a man in Edinburg who would just call people from payphones and tell them all kinds of things. He even maaged to get through to the White House to threaten the President. The Secret Service called the chief of police, who just happened to be nearby and could see the guy calling. He explained that the guy is not all there. They thought he was kidding, how could he be standing there watching the guy do it? He assured them that he was not joking. Sometimes, the PD would arrest him and dump him over in Pharr.

In Mcallen, there is a man who goes through people's trash and takes out aluminum cans. People have complained about him. You know, there are people here who are poor, believe it or not. If you have a decent life, why are you complaining about a guy looking through your TRASH to make a living? Some people are just jerks. Of course, McAllen Police feel bad about harrassing the guy when they get called. I don't know if he's crazy or just found a way to make some meager cash.

In Mission, there is this one guy who is always walking around town. He wears a jacket all year, even in mid-Summer. It doesn't look like he changes clothes very often. You can count on him listening to a radio on his earphones. Some of the local restaurants already know him. Apparently, he has money to buy lunch and batteries for his radio. So far, he's harmless. He minds his business and just walks around town.

I'm sure other cities in the Rio Grande Valley have a loquito wandering around. You feel bad for them, but then they are doing what they want to do. They are usually happy to be left alone. Do we help them against their will? Do we allow them to continue freaking people out? I don't have an answer.
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