Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Wouldn't You Know It?

It's s0 funny, my luck, sometimes. My wife went out and got a 95 Ford Windstar at Spikes Ford in Mission. It was in pretty good shape. The only annoying defect we knew about was that the front windows did not open. This is fine, we just use the A/C.

In time, it developed another defect. The door ajar sensor keeps sensing the door ajar. It happened within about a month. It was intermittent at first and progressively got more permanent. Now, it occasionally doesn't sense a door ajar (it doesn't say which one).

Lately, the Windstar has been developing a rough idle. I did a quick web search and checked a Hayes manual, it could be a vacuum leak or clogged fuel injectors. After more searching, it turns out that the 95 model also has a well known defect that could cause similar problems. If it's the injectors, the additive I put in will fix the problem. If it's vacuum hoses, I'll have to learn how to check that. If it's the defect, I'm looking at a $900+ repair whether I do it when the van breaks down or as a preventative measure. I haven't a clue how to change a head gasket.

I'm going outside to curse.


Writer said...

The fuel system cleaner seems to be helping so far. I used Berryman's B-12 Fuel Injector cleaner. What distinguishes this from the other brands is that it is a solvent, not a detergent. The other stuff is good to prevent your fuel injectors from getting clogged. Once they are clogged, however, you need a good organic solvent to break up the crud. It's available at O'Reilly, Advance, and Autozone.

The problem hasn't gone away completely, but it is improved. I hope that by the end of the gas tank that the problem will be completely gone. I learned that after 3 drive cycles without problems, the Check Engine Light will turn itself off. Other alternatives are to take it in for service to have the trouble code cleared (riiight). Or, disconnect the battery and reconnect it. The last one is not recommended because the PCM (computer) has to relearn how to operate your vehicle.

K H said...

Didn't anyone ever tell you not to buy domestic? They are cheaper and you may be on a budget, but the Honda/Toyota may have been worth the investment. Also, didn't you realize that Valley dealers are shady? I almost bought a car from a fraud...I found a car in Houston and then read later in the Monitor that the guy had beeen selling illegally or something to that effect. Next time consult me on this one...hehe.

Writer said...

The fuel injector cleaner seems to be doing the job. The van is running much smoother now. It's not 100% but there is still 3/4 tank of solvent to go.

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