Monday, April 17, 2006

It don't get dumber

I normally don't criticize fellow bloggers out of courtesy. There is a certain amount of license that we can take when expressing our opinions about things and I give other bloggers some leeway in doing so. But I just read two posts at Edinburg News:
Edinburg News: Mayor Richard Garcia: A Republican in Democratic Clothing and Republican Throws Money in Mayor Richard Garcia's Campaign.

The premise of the author's posts are, to put it politely, absurd. What does taking money from a Republican have anything to do with your performance as Mayor? I worked for a Democrat campaign and will probably work another. That doesn't mean I believe in the Democrat ideals. I believed in the candidate. So what if Roy Ibañez supports Richard Garcia's campaign. Perhaps Roy thinks that the Mayor is a better alternative to Joe Ochoa. I'm sure the logic is,"If I MUST give to a Democrat, I'll give to (fill in the blank)". In fact, I'd give Mayor Garcia kudos for his ability to attract bipartisan support.

Are we to believe that Joe Ochoa would turn away campaign money simply because of party affiliation? I'd like to express some really rude things over how insulting to the public's intelligence those two posts are, but I shall bite my tongue. I can deal with the political bias in Edinburg News as a counter-weight to Edinburg Politics. But, come on. Give the public some credit. I'm going to start a list of the Top 10 dumbest posts on Spin RGV to discourage this sort of thing.

While I agree that doing things in secret is not cool and I would have given the author credit for that, the author goes on to imply that UTPA leans Republican. I'm sorry, April Fool's Day is long past. Think about it further, it's one thing for Democrats to overwhelmingly hold offices in Edinburg, but the author further brags that Dems practically OWN Edinburg and any support for Garcia by other Dems is tantamount to crossing party lines. Pish posh! So long as Roy Ibañez is not a criminal, what does it matter in a local race? The Mayor is not going to decide on a major abortion case. He's not going to fire all the Union workers in the city. He's not going to cut taxes for everybody who pays taxes (although I can hope). He's not going to reduce the size of government in Edinburg. He's not going to start a school voucher program. He's not going to do anything Republican. Last I checked, money is green, not red or blue.

Proceed with your political bias, but don't make out the Rio Grande Valley to be a bunch of fools. For shame.


Anonymous said...

Richard Garcia has served as an Edinburg Municipal Court Judge, a County Court at Law Judge and when Hidalgo County Judge Edgar Ruiz was indicted, Richard Garcia was asked to serve as Interim County Judge in order to bring integrity back to Hidalgo County government.
As Edinburg's Mayor he has made some very tough and controversial decisions - all for the right reasons. Edinburg's lucky to have someone like Richard Garcia as Mayor.

Writer said...

I learned something new. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

If you want a really interesting story, ask Mayor Garcia about his father's WWII experience as a German P.O.W. after being shot out of a bomber and his daring escape. Canuto Garcia received a medal in the 1990's for this after being forgotten and then recognized by the military for his heroism.

Writer said...

Thanks for the tip.

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